Looking for reusable sanitary pads, washable menstrual pads or bamboo charcoal pads?

Mix and match, 5 pads for the price of 4

All Reusable Period Pad Kits

From period starter kits to post-partum, we've got a kit for everyone…

Cotton Period Pads

Our cotton cloth sanitary pads are perfect for light to regular flow. Thin, discreet.

Bamboo & Charcoal Period Pads

For regular to heavy flow, super absorbent reusable bamboo plush sanitary pads.


Cheeky Pants - Reusable Menstrual Pads - Mix and match any 5 pads for the price of 4

Handling aunt flo's monthly visits has never felt (or looked) so good. Our reusable menstrual pads don’t chafe, don't rustle and save you money in the long run! Choose from bamboo charcoal pads, cotton or organic cotton pads, with absorbency levels and pattern to suit your style. Or check out our questionnaire for a personalised recommendation from the Cheeky Team!

Switching to washable menstrual pads will save you money & is way more comfortable than itchy, sweaty disposable pads.


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