Could you be a Cheeky Champion?

20 May 2021  |  Admin

We're on the lookout for Cheeky Champions.

At Cheeky Pants, we don't pay 'celebs' or Insta peeps to showcase our products.  It's not authentic, it's not real and it's got no integrity.   That's just not who we are. 

On the flip side, we absolutely bloody LOVE it when fans of Team Cheeky share their experiences further than just friends and family, it really helps us spread the Cheeky love.

So if you're an existing customer already, we'd really love to have you on board as a Cheeky Champion.

What's in it for you?

  • At least one free item monthly of our choice for you to review and share
  • VIP status which means free UK priority shipping on all orders
  • Your very own personal discount code
  • Ability to pre-order new stock before launch 
  • Involvement in product design and development process by giving feedback on production samples

What's in it for us?

  • You'll like / share / comment on both our Facebook and Instagram posts least three times per weekly (your social media profiles will need to be public for this)
  • When you receive your monthly freebie, you'll post it across your social media channels via post / photo / video
  • You give us your permission to use your content across our social media channels

What are the requirements to be a Cheeky Champion?

  • You'll need to be an existing customer who has purchased from or  (see above re integrity and authenticity)
  • We welcome customers from all ages, races, body types, genders, ethnic backgrounds and abilities
  • If we provide you with free products, you should follow the advertising guidelines appropriate for that channel

How do I apply?

  • Dead easy!  Simply fill out the form below, one of the team will come back to you and confirm next steps

What else do I need to know?

  • Just one last thing.  If we don't hear or see anything from you for 2 consecutive months, we reserve the right to remove you as a Cheeky Champion. 

Choose n/a if you're male
You need to confirm this as yes to be enrolled as a Cheeky Champion

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