Are the fabrics used in your period pants safe?

Tuesday, 14 January 2020  |  Admin

We've had a few queries from customers looking for reassurance after a scientist allegedly found toxic chemicals in a big brand of period pants.  In honesty,  I always treat these sorts of stories with a HUGE pinch of salt (and wonder who is paying the piper in these instances) but I understand that it's worrying.   

Yes, The good news is that the fabric used in our waterproofing layer, which is Oeko-tex certified TPU, has been tested and certified clear of both PFOS and PFOA content.   Our Period pants are made from the same materials that wear in your knickers every single day, however with two distinct differences. 

For lots of us, including myself we've chosen cloth sanitary pads and period pants because we want less chemicals in and around the sensitive skin on our vulva, not more.  That's one reason that we've steered away from using 'special' fabrics containing silver or infused unicorn horn or any other anti-microbial / anti-bacterial properties because it's just not necessary and feels gimmicky.  

Are the materials used in UK period pants safe?


Against your skin, in the gusset area is either cotton jersey or bamboo. Both of which are exactly what you would have against your skin in your everyday knickers.  What makes period pants different is that they have an extra absorbent layer inside the gusset of the pants.  On our pants, this runs from the front to rear waistband as standard.  This material is simply cotton / elastane which gives them good stretch for a snug fit and is absorbent without being bulky.


The outer layers of period pants need to be waterproofed because that's what stops blood leaking through the pants onto your clothes.  This layer is furthest away from your skin and doesn't ever come in contact with your skin.   We use 'Oeko-Tex' certified TPU for our waterproofing, which is very similar to PUL but it's bonded using heat rather than chemically.  It's for this reason that you shouldn't tumble dry period pants because it can damage the heat bonding on your waterproofing.  It's also softer with more stretch and less crunch which means that the pants feel and fit better too.

What is Oeko-Tex certification? 

Oeko-tex is a globally renowned testing standard.  Our fabrics carry the Oeko-tex 'standard 100' which means that it has been tested for harmful substances and also proven to be 'harmless in human ecological terms'.  They don't just test for regulated substances but non-regulated ones too.  In addition, our pants have been tested to meet UK & EU REACH safety standards.

In summary our pants continue to be a 'gamechanging',  providing freedom from annoying sanitary products which chafe, itch and rub.  That's our customers words, not ours!  We've had loads of reviews from you telling us how much more comfortable and easy to wear you've found wearing period pants and how much better you sleep and can get on with life.   Don't be put off by scare stories.  Embrace the greener, more comfortable alternative to disposable sanitary products, and do your bit for the planet too.

Want to know more?   Feel free to contact our customer services team, via email or on chat.  They all use the products themselves and can answer any questions you might have, nothing is TMI!

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