Kids Period Pants

It's a fact that children are starting their periods earlier these days. Be prepared with our range of period pants for kids. From heavy flow boybrief to cotton sporty pants, there's something for everyone.

Reusable period products including period underwear are the way forward for tweens and teens.

We understand that for youngsters, tampons and menstrual cups can be overwhelming. Disposable pads are uncomfortable and SO last century!

The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'. Read our blog here for further information

"Great products have worked brilliantly for my autistic girl who was struggling with the sensation of pads." Trustpilot Review

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Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

Looking for period pants for kids or girls period pants?

The team at Cheeky Pants all use our pants and pads themselves and love to talk pee, poo and periods.

We've also all got children in their teens, so have been through the first period stage and are well-versed in helping parents prepare for this exciting time.

It doesn't have to be embarrassing or awkward, just absorbent underwear that they wear for a few days a month.

"Having already used the period pads, my daughter wanted to try the pants too. There was no problem exchanging for a larger size, and the pants arrived quickly. (Great fit this time!) Cheeky Wipes products give excellent quality and value for money.

Reusable period protection is so much easier to deal with than I expected; my daughters tell me they are far more comfortable, and no bother at all to wash. I'd urge everyone to give it a go." Trustpilot Review

Our teenager period pants are easy to care for too. Check out our washing and care guide, but in summary:

  • rinse after use or soak overnight in COLD water
  • wash in a cool / cold wash (max 30c) with a scoop of stain remover
  • avoid fabric softener
  • air dry if possible - avoid tumble drying

"Best Period Pants on the Market. I have been using period pants from Cheeky Wipes for quite a while now. I absolutely love the range of styles and the fact that the protection goes all the way up the front and back!

I trust them so much that my 12 year old daughter has only ever used Cheeky Wipes pants and even told her class all about them when they covered puberty in school because she wanted to normalise reusable products! Customer service is spot on and delivery is quick and efficient. I wouldn't shop anywhere else." Trustpilot Review

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"Great for my 10 year old. I have placed 2 orders with Cheeky now for swimwear and period pants for my daughter, who started her periods when she was 10. I filled in a form to try to figure out what size to order and got a really quick, personalised reply with plenty of tips.

Now her period doesn't stop her swimming, and she has a range of period pants that give her confidence used with a towel on heavy days or on their own on lighter days. The sleep shorts are brilliant for peace of mind at night time when she is heavy, or if we are away, and everything is really comfy (I'm told!).

Just 6 months in and she has choices and confidence to manage her own periods. As a mum I can't thank you enough for helping us both to adjust." Trustpilot Review


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