Cheeky Pants Loyalty scheme

We completely appreciate that you have bought from us rather than elsewhere and we'd like to thank you for that,  so with each purchase we’ll assign you loyalty points based on your order total (less postage). Your points can then be used to give you 3% against further orders.

How it works:
Easy!  Say you purchase our KISS kit at £39.95, you'll earn 39 points, worth £1.17.  They'll be stored on your account towards your next purchase - however you need to create an account to store the points!

How do I earn Cheeky loyalty points?

Just remember to create an account at the checkout.  That allows you to accumulate points with each order. You can see how many points each product is worth on that product page, and when you checkout, you'll see in your basket the total amount you've earned, alongside the total amount spent. 

You can then plan how you'll spend them on your next order! 

Please note:
If you check-out as a guest you won't receive loyalty points, simply because the system can't store them without referring back to an account. 

It's also worth noting that any returns and refunds will be deducted from your points total.

How do I cash in Cheeky loyalty points?

When you login to your account to make a purchase, your existing loyalty points total and value will be displayed at the bottom of the basket page. Just tick the box to the right hand side of that in order to use your points and that amount will be deducted from your order.  Simple! 

How long can I save my Cheeky points for?

Your points can be saved for up to 2 years from the date that you first ordered.  Don’t tick the box at the bottom of the basket and you can keep saving them up for you to use when you return.  

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