World's Best Pants, Period

Keep the planet happy with our no plastic, just fantastic period pants

World's best period pants

World's Best Pants, Period

Keep the planet happy with our no plastic, just fantastic period pants

World's best period pants
Let's bust some myths

Just because they ARE functional, doesn't mean they have to look that way! Our pants range from 'pretty' to 'pretty sexy', just because you’re on, doesn't mean looking good is off.


Gross fact for the day #1: One maxi pack of pads has the same amount of plastic as 5 plastic bags. Fact #2 Tampons and sanitary pads wash up in their hundreds of thousands on our beaches and coastline. Gross right? Way more gross than just washing a pair of knickers?


We've all been there - hands down pants to pull a tampon string into place, or tweaking your knickers so your pad doesn’t give you a bikini wax or chafe your legs? Wave goodbye to embarrassment, soreness and chafing and hello to comfort with our period pants.


Yep, period pants cost more than a box of throwaway pads or tampons. But they'll last 5 years, so will pay for themselves after around a year.


Yep! For most 'regular' days of your period, you can wear your pants all day. On heavy flow days we often add a reusable pad, not so much for extra absorbency, but because it’s simple to replace a pad at lunchtime and feel fresh after.


We've got cotton pants for sports, children, teens and tweens, period pants for heavy flow, pretty pants for daily, or something sassier if you’re feeling frisky, whatever your needs, we've got period pants for you.


You call them 'game changing' for a reason. We say they're just different knickers that you wear and wash when you’ve got your period. Fantastic for children, teens and tweens for this reason.


Not a lot of people know this....but blood is a protein stain, so washing at 40°C or higher will 'set' the stain. Instead, squirt with a bit of stain remover, then wash with your normal detergent in a regular washload at 30°C or lower. Simple.


If you're new to the idea of period pants, we get that it might seem a bit 'ewww'. We think they're fab - so fab that we will put our money where our mouth is, we'll allow you to try our period pants for 90 days and if you don't absolutely love them we'll give you your money back.


Why make the switch

Vegan iconVegan
Sleep better iconSleep better
No chafing iconNo chafing
Easy to wash iconEasy to wash
Eco friendly iconEco friendly
Post natal iconPost natal
Cheeky products for cheeky people
High-Waisted Period Pants

High waist period pants, perfect if you're looking for some extra security.

Mid-Rise Period Pants

Whether you're feeling Sassy, Pretty or Free we have a mid-rise style for you.

Low-Rise Period Pants

Low-rise period pants, perfect for sports, teens and tweens!

Plus Size Period Pants

Our stylish period underwear comes in sizes up to size 24.

Heavy Flow Period Pants

Period Pants for Heavy Flow Periods

Teens & Tweens Period Pants

Period Pants for children, teens and tweens, comfy & eco-friendly

Children Period Pants

Period Pants for children

Give them a trial period

If you're new to the idea, we get that making the switch to reusables can seem a bit weird and icky. And we understand that you're worried about spending money on something and it then not working for you. We are so confident that you will love our period and pee-proof pants that we have created a 45 day trial scheme for them!

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It's not rocket science, just incredible pants

We don't have any gimmicks going on in our pants, it's just 4 clever little layers that all work together to keep you dry, comfortable and confident. Simple!


Feel dry with our moisture
wicking layer


An absorbent layer that can hold
the equivalent of up to 5 tampons


Feel more confident thanks to
our leak-proof layer


Feel cool with the
breathable fabric

Period pants layers
Get yourself set up!

We've created a whole range of money-saving kits to help you purchase everything you need.

What our lovely customers say...

Let's not beat around the bush! Have a cheeky peak at our products in action and see what our customers are saying.

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