Bamboo & Charcoal Period Pads

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Bamboo Panty LINERS - Bamboo Plush

Everyday or Light Days 


Bamboo reusable sanitary pads  - Normal to HEAVY flow day pads

Day or Normal Flow


Bamboo Charcoal / Bamboo Maternity Pads - Heavy Flow

Heavy flow, Night or Maternity Cloth Sanitary Pads


Bamboo Charcoal Reusable Sanitary Pads - Heavy Flow -10 MULTI-PACK - Mixed Use

Bamboo Plush Cloth Sanitary Pad Multipack Bundle of 10

Reusable bamboo period pads - 5 MULTI-PACK - Plush - Mixed Use

Bamboo Plush Cloth Sanitary Pad Multipack of 5

Wearable Wheaty Bags Period Heat Bag

WheatyBags® Microwave Heat Pack is a wearable wheat bag for lower back pain or as a period heat pack

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

Bamboo charcoal pads, bamboo period pads & bamboo charcoal sanitary pads

No more ripping, rustling, peeling! Our pads are discreet, slim and best of all, reusable! Our bamboo charcoal sanitary pads, bamboo period pads or bamboo charcoal sanitary pads are brilliant for regular to heavy flow or if you suffer from endometriosis, clots or flooding. Not sure what type of pad wiill suit you best? Take a peek at our comparison table to see what each of our pads is best at.

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