Washing and Care Instructions for Cheeky® Incontinence Pants and Pads

1 & 2. Rinse, Cold Soak or Wash within 24 hours

We recommend either:

  • Rinse then cold soaking in our soaking container or your sink with some cold water and a scoop of an Oxi type oxygen stain remover.  Eco-friendly and works great
  • Rinse, then if you've got a wash going on within 24 hours, simply give them a squirt of stain remover and pop straight into the washing machine

3. Wash in a cool or cold wash, 30℃ or lower

We suggest washing your Cheeky Pants in a cool wash.  If you're just using them for pee, you can wash at 40℃, however as blood is a protein stain, washing at 40c will set the stain, so they must be washed cooler.


4. Line or air dry


It's really important that you don't tumble dry your Cheeky pads and pants because it can damage the waterproof lining, making it crinkly and ineffective. For the same reason, drying them on a radiator or direct heat source isn't recommended.  If it's too hot to hold your hand on, it's too hot for them.

DO NOT USE BLEACH on your Cheeky® pants and pads.  Bleach will just rot the fabric and there's no need for it.

Now we've got that out of our system, we can move on to the other tips:

Wash in a decent length wash cycle, using your normal stain remover and washing powder combination.  A rapid wash won't cut the mustard here!

At Cheeky HQ we use a bio powder and Oxy type stain remover. We tried using more 'eco' products and we found that it was a false eco economy because they just didn't get our clothes as clean, which then  reduced the longevity of our clothing.  If you've got 4 kids who could potentially hand clothing down to one another, you can see what that's an issue! 

It's also important to use a decent length wash cycle.  Anything less than an hour probably won't be sufficient.  Rapid / eco wash cycles which you may use for clothing which just needs a freshen up just doesn't work for stained items.  

Can I wash them with other items or do they need to be washed by themselves?

Yep, no problem with washing them as part of a mixed washload. This is better for the environment and your pocket!  Just wash it all at 30c.  With incontinence, they will add up to around a kg of washing a month, over the course of a year, this is just two more 'average' washloads, so very little environmental impact!


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