Heavy Flow Period Pants

Do you suffer with period floods, clotting, endometriosis or heavy periods? Our period pants for heavy flow and pants for heavy periods can cope! If you're unsure, take our questionnaire for a tailored recommendation from real people who actually use the products!

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Essentials Period Pants Kit - Low Rise Cotton Sporty Pants
£42.45   £36.95

Period Pants Essentials Kit - cotton 'sporty' style

This super value period kit covers you for you regular and heavy flow days!

Wearable Wheaty Bags Period Heat Pack

WheatyBags® Microwave Heat Pack is a wearable wheat bag for lower back pain or as a period heat pack

3 for 2
Feeling Cosy - Bamboo Period Shorts

Available from size 4 to 24

3 for 2
Feeling Fearless - Full-Brief Period Pants - Heavy Flow

Now available in sizes 4 to 24

3 for 2
Feeling Sporty - Cotton Period Underwear for Sports - Heavy Flow
3 for 2
Heavy Flow Feeling Free - Boybrief Style Mid-rise Period Pants

Now available in sizes 4 to 22


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items
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