Reusable Cotton Sanitary Pads

Mix and match any 5 sanitary pads for the price of 4

Thinking of ditching disposable sanitary pads? Making the switch to reusable cotton period pads or bamboo period pads is more comfortable and better for the planet too. We understand it can seem a bit daunting, so if you're not sure where to start, try our questionnaire for tailored advice from one of the team!

The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'. Read our blog here for further information

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Cotton Night Pads - Reusable Maternity Pads Clearance
£6.49   £3.89

Cheeky Pants Luxury Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pads Night or Maternity

Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads  - Day Period Pads Bamboo Charcoal

Day or Normal Flow


Reusable Cotton Sanitary Pad - Regular - Day
£3.29  -  £5.49

Cotton Cloth Sanitary Day Pads

Bamboo Maternity Pads for Heavy Flow - Bamboo Charcoal

Heavy flow, Night or Maternity Cloth Sanitary Pads


Cotton Cloth Pads for Heavy Flow & Incontinence
£3.89  -  £6.49

Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pads, perfect for heavy flow, overnight, maternity, post-partum

Reusable Cotton Sanitary Pads - Day - Clearance
£5.49   £3.29

Cheeky Pants Cotton Sanitary Pads - Day

Bamboo Panty LINERS - Bamboo Plush

Everyday or Light Days 


Cotton Reusable Panty Liners - Washable

Reusable Cotton Panty Liners

Luxury Cotton Sanitary Pads - 5 MULTI-PACK - Mixed Use

Cotton Cloth Period & Pee Pad Multipack

Bamboo Charcoal Panty Liners  & Period Pads- 10 MULTI-PACK Mixed Use

Bamboo Plush Cloth Sanitary Pad Multipack Bundle of 10

Cheeky Pants Bamboo Charcoal Period Pad FULL Kits

Bamboo / Charcoal Plush Cloth Sanitary Pads - Full Kits

Cheeky Pants Cloth Period Pad STARTER Kits

Everything you need to get started with cloth pads

Reusable bamboo period pads - 5 MULTI-PACK - Plush - Mixed Use

Bamboo Plush Cloth Sanitary Pad Multipack of 5

Cotton Reusable Intimate Wipes - Pack of 10

Reusable cotton flannel cloth wipes, soft and thin, perfect as intimate wipes for your period or after sex. Pack of 10

Luxury Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pads - 10 MULTI-PACK - Mixed Use

Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pad Multipack - 10

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items

If you're looking for cotton period pads or organic cotton period pads and want to reduce your plastic waste, you've come to the right place!

Reusable period pads are a fantastic plastic free alternative to disposable sanitary pads. Cruelty free and without chlorine bleaching, they're super soft too for even the most sensitive skin.

Our range of reusable sanitary products includes organic cotton pads with a non slip backing. Made from several layers of 100% organic cotton, they're super absorbent but also slimline.

The liners are great for every day use or as a backup to a menstrual cup whilst the day pads are perfect for medium flow.

You might also want to check out our other reusable period products in certified organic cotton:

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