How do Cheeky reusable incontinence pads work

Firstly… try and fix your leaky bladder!

If you haven't already investigated your incontinence, it might not be something that you just have to put up with, you can see a pelvic floor physio on the NHS and they can really help if your leaks are due to poor tone in your pelvic floor.  Using kegel weights like Secret Whispers is a great tool also, helping you to rebuild strength and muscle tone in your pelvic floor which you may lose as you age or after you have children.

How did you develop Feeling Fearless pads & pants? 

We decided that we needed a heavy-hitter to help develop these products - and were lucky enough to find one.  Penny Broderick is a long time environmental activist, who founded the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network back in 2008, to encourage parents to use reusable nappies. In 2010 she found herself suffering from incontinence as a result of existing autoimmune diseases which took a took a turn for the worse. The reusable pads that she could buy at the time just weren't up to the job, so over a two year period she developed pads that met her strict criteria:

  • high capacity absorbency
  • still slim-fitting
  • shaped for continence rather than periods
  • using bamboo charcoal fleece  to reduce odour
  • non-wick wings to prevent damp thighs & chafing

Penny suffers from arthritis, so added a tab so that the wings could be more easily unsnapped, plus different width settings for different styles of knickers. Testing was then carried out by an army of over 100 testers from an incontinence support group, who tested the pads for super fast absorption and maximum capacity.  Initially these were sold by Penny through her website Minivivi, although because the pads were hand-made to order, it proved to be too much to meet the demand, whilst dealing with a chronic illness.  Having worked alongside Team Cheeky for many years, in 2020 we proudly launched our collaboration,  Feeling Fearless pads. Popper the pads into your pants label side down and plain side towards your body and go about your day!


What's so special about Cheeky® Incontinence Pads?




Is this your first foray into Cheeky Products? 
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I can't get my head around using washable incontinence pads or pants?

We get that the idea can seem a bit novel, but using washable incontinence pads or pants is not only eco-friendly, and super absorbent, but they are also way kinder to your skin too.  Many disposable period and incontinence products contain nasty chemicals, dioxins and gels which is what makes them absorbent.   That's not all.  Once you've paid for your reusable panty liners, you'll simply wash them and reuse them, over and over again.  Without contributing to landfill either, so you can polish your eco-halo.  

Cheeky® Fearless pads come in 4 sizes/levels of absorbency:

19cm -  Reusable Panty Liner (2 layer core)
20.5cm - Light (2 layer core)
28cm  - Medium (4 layer core)
33cm - Heavy (6 layer core)



Still not sure or have a few more questions? There's more info on our Incontinence FAQs which might answer your question immediately. Or, complete our questionnaire for completely personalised advice on what you would need for your circumstances.  Lastly of course,  feel free to contact us, Jo and her team all use the products themselves and would love to hear from you! 

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