Why switch to Cheeky period pants or cloth sanitary pads?

Our customers call them 'game-changers' and rate them 5 stars.  But what are the benefits of switching to period protection pants or reusable menstrual pads?

Period Panties and Underwear Pads are way more comfortable 

ENORMOUS DISCLAIMER - Some of this is based on anecdotal feedback, via review on Trustpilot for our period proof pants and pads.  We haven’t done a properly controlled scientific test on this, but by all means read the reviews for yourself and make your own decisions.

At the most basic, underwear pads and menstrual pants are way more comfy to wear than their disposable counterparts, they've even been described as 'fluffy vagina blankets'. Popper the pads into your pants patterned side / label side down and plain side towards your body. There's no glue to catch on your pubic hair and give you a free bikini wax if you change position. Even better, there's no dangling tampon string to get caught between your legs either! 

In addition a lot of people have told us that they get a lot less rashes and irritation which is probably due to the fact that it's just cloth between your legs rather than chemical filled pads. 

Lastly, lots of you have told us that you find that you sleep much better when using period pants because you're not worrying about waking up in a puddle of blood - result!

Are washable period products better for the environment?

It should almost go without saying that reusable products are always going to be better for the planet than disposable products. Tampons and disposable sanitary pads should always be binned, but oftentimes people still flush them meaning that they end up blocking our sewers, creating ‘fatbergs’ and contributing to waterways and marine pollution. Disposable sanitary waste ends up in the stomachs of fish, turtles, sea birds and sea mammals which is just disgusting.  Or it washes up on our beaches - fancy decorating a sandcastle with used tampon applicators that your child has found on the beach?

Even when people dispose of sanitary waste correctly, many of these items aren't biodegradable (or are only biodegradable if composted!) so they end up in landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose.

Over and above that, the materials used to create these products have a carbon footprint many, many times larger than that of reusable products over your lifetime. To compare, switching to reusable period pads or period knickers creates just ONE additional load of washing annually, if you have a 7kg washing machine. We'll take that!

Period knickers and pads will save you money, ka-ching!

We like to keep it real because there are some properly made up numbers out there when it comes to how much we spend on our periods monthly.  A UK MP recently quoted £500 annually which to be fair included painkillers,  chocolates etc because we’re feeling miserable etc. That seems a bit much on average for us, a straw poll in the office estimated between £5 and £10 monthly, depending on how heavy your periods are so approximately £60 to £120 annually.

By spending the same amount on reusable period protection, you'll of course take an upfront hit on cost,  but after that you don’t have to spend any more. So for example, if you bought TWO of our ‘KISS’ reusable period protection starter kits, that would cost you £80 and you'd have everything you need to kit you out for years. Definitely an investment purchase or brilliant gift for someone starting to live independently as a student for example!

Remember, if you've got any questions, please do get in touch.  The team are always really happy to help via Live chat daily, or via email.  Alternatively, take a look at what you need in order to switch to cloth sanitary pads or period pants.  




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