Incontinence Accessories & Products

Not just pants and pads! From waterproof bed-sheets to pelvic floor weights, we'll help you take the p*ss out of incontinence.

The fabrics used in our pants and pads, do not contain PFOS, PFOA or 'antimicrobial silver'. Read our blog here for further information

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Cheeky Pants SINGLE MINI Wetbag

Cute & Practical wet bag for period protection

Cheeky Prints Cotton Flannel Intimate Wipes
£6.99  -  £14.99

Soft cotton flannel reusable wipes

Cheeky Wipes SMALL Double Wetbag

Practical with gorgeous designs, double pocket wetbags perfect for period pads and pants

Childrens Waterproof Bed Protector with Wings
£22.99  -  £39.99

Washable, Washable Bed Pads for potty training at night or for older children with incontinence.  

Cotton Reusable Intimate Wipes - Pack of 10

Reusable cotton flannel cloth wipes, soft and thin, perfect as intimate wipes for your period or after sex. Pack of 10

Large Mesh Wash Bag

Large Mesh Wash Bag for easy washing of period pants & reusable sanitary pads

MINI Strucket - Soaking System for Reusable Period Pads & Pants

The MINI Strucket makes soaking simple and clean. Soak cloth sanitary pads & period pants here.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Toner for Women - Secret Whispers

Multi Award Winning 6 Step Pelvic Floor Exercise Kit. Strengthen & Tighten Your Pelvic Floor Fast, Helps with - pregnancy, childbirth, incontinence and bladder control.

Period Pants Wash Bag - Black

Practical Single Pocket wetbag to discreetly carry reusable period pants & pads

Soaking Container - Period Pads & Pants

Easy-opening box for soaking and storing used period pants & CSP until washing

Strucket Bucket - Soaking System

The Strucket makes soaking simple and clean. Soak reusable sanitary pads & period pants.

Tea Tree and Lemon Essential Oil  -  Soaking Solution
£6.49  -  £23.99

Teatree & teatree lemon essential oil solution for soaking soiled period pants & pads

Wearable Wheaty Bags Period Heat Pack

WheatyBags® Microwave Heat Pack is a wearable wheat bag for lower back pain or as a period heat pack


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items
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