How to Dance on Your Period: A Survival Guide

20 July 2023

Can You Dance on Your Period?

Yes, you can dance on your period. All types of dancing can continue while you are menstruating. Stopping every month would be so disruptive to learning and progression, especially if it is your profession and you teach the class. 

Exercise is proven to help with period cramps and will definitely raise your mood too - get your endorphins flowing.


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How to Dance on Your Period

Though we can't help with the foxtrot or give you tips for the nightclub dance floor, here’s our top tips for how to dance on your period:


1. Wear Period Underwear

Period undies are an absolute game-changer for dance class and everyday life. They look like regular pants but come with built-in absorbency which is moisture wicking too. They can collect up to 4 tampons worth of blood too, so are brilliant for dance lessons at that time of the month.

If you're wearing a dancing leotard, you'll be glad to know that there are skin-coloured period panties available. So, say goodbye to pad and tampon friction, and hello to comfort.

2. Double Up Period Protection

For added peace of mind against period leaks double up your protection. Wear a reusable cloth pad along with your period proof underwear to provide an extra layer of defence against leaks.  Or wear a tampon or menstrual cup with a pair of period pants for leak proof security.



3. Wear Black Dancing Clothes

If you can, opt for black outfits or dark leotard and tights to prevent any potential leaks from becoming visible. Not only is black elegant, but it's also a practical choice during your period dance routines.

4. Manage Period Pain

Period pain can be a real mood-killer, but don't let it ruin your groove and affect your dancing. Make sure you take care of yourself by managing your pain.

Over-the-counter pain relievers or heat packs can work wonders, so you can dance without feeling like you're going to war with your uterus. 

5. Practice self care

Self-care is essential during your period, so don't forget to show yourself some love during your menstrual cycle. Take breaks when needed, stay hydrated, and be kind to your body.

Dancing can be physically demanding, and taking care of yourself will help you perform at your best. You can skip a session to rest if that is what your body needs. You may find you ache more during your period with all the extra hormonal activity.


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Best Period Underwear for Dance

For adults

Feeling Sleek - To suit light flow, in black or almond, soft and slinky, seam free for a VPL free silhouette. With three layers of absorbency in the gusset and waterproofing to keep you safe while you dance - great for little pee leaks too.

Feeling Limitless - Our Period thong is great alone for very light flow or as back up to cups and tampons.

Feeling Fearless Bamboo - Great for heavy flow or moderate bladder weakness, high waisted and perfect under dancing dresses.


For tweens and teens

Feeling Hip - high legged to easily fit under leotards, with athletic wicking fabric to be breathable and cool. Available in black or almond. Great for medium flow to heavy flow.

Feeling Sporty Heavy - Great for exercise, really popular as teen period pants.

Dancing on your period doesn't have to be a daunting experience. With the right preparation and protection, you can still dance your heart out with confidence. Embrace the fact that periods are a natural part of life, and they won't stop you from doing what you love.


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