Can you still exercise while on your period?

15 June 2022  |  Admin

Yes, you can absolutely still exercise while on your period and it can actually be really helpful in reducing cramping.

Every person is different and periods / hormones will have different impact on different people. Some may find that they feel sluggish and lethargic at that time of the month.

Heavy periods or endometriosis can mean that worrying about leaks during exercise can be off-putting for fear of embarrassment.

However other women find that they actually have higher energy levels and can exercise better during their period, no matter whether that's strength training or another exercise routine.

That's because they have moved out of the luteal phase of their cycle. This is the part of your menstrual cycle where PMT and PMS symptoms often occur.

James Smith PT has a fantastic video explaining about how the menstrual cycle impacts our energy for exercising which is worth watching.

Personally, when out on my bike or in the gym, I'm always super aware when my period is due. Hills seem harder to climb, weights seem heavier than normal and everything just seems like hard work. Once my period arrives, things get back to 'normal'.

The really important thing to do is be aware and listen to your body and be comfortable which means finding period products that work for you! 

Many people find that internal period protection such as tampons or menstrual cups aren't suitable for them and disposable pads can cause chafing and irritation for exercise. Even reusable pads which are fantastic alternative to disposables have limitations when exercising as they can move around.

Leak proof period pants (which customers tell us are 'game-changers already) really come into their own when used for sports and exercise. Cheeky Pants actually sponsor our local ladies football team who say that our pants are brilliant 'for little dribbles, on and off the pitch'.

'These are seriously, seriously game-changing pants!

Having been a period-pants cynic for a while I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did as these pants bring a new level of flexibility and freedom to my life. They're super-comfortable and discreet but secure. Absolutely love them. Never going back to landfill-clogging disposable products.' Beth, Dec 2021 Trustpilot

In this article we'll also answer:

Which are the best Period Pants for exercise?

The best period pants for exercise are the pants which suit your body best. All Cheeky Pants are very soft and moisture wicking and can be used for sport, so it really depends on your levels of flow and which style you'd prefer. 

They come in a range of styles and materials, depending on your preference and how heavy your flow is. 

Shop Sporty Period Pants

That being said, there are a couple of styles of period underwear which particularly popular for sport. Our cotton 'sporty' bikini style (above) are great for teens and tweens. They're also available in a normal flow or heavy flow period pants option.

High leg period pants - perfect for gymnastics or trampolining

If you need pants with a high waist or higher cut leg (perhaps for wearing under a leotard for aerobic exercise such as trampolining or gymnastics) then our stretchy 'high-leg' period pants are definitely worth a look too.

'The period pants (low rise sporty) are really good quality I will be honest and say I didn`t expect them to be as good as they were given the price compared to competitors. They are easy to contact should needs be and my daughter was also very happy with them. A trustworthy company' Ria, Trustpilot 2021 

Does Exercise Help With Your Period?

Yes! Exercise does help with your period. A Cochrane review of evidence examining the role of exercise in reducing period cramping has proven that exercise helps! This peer review of evidence shows that both low intensity exercise such as yoga poses or pilates and high intensity exercise can really help with period pains and menstrual cramps. The key is 3 periods of physical activity a week for between 45 mins and an hour.

Cheeky Period Pants under leggings - no VPL!

This is on the first day of my period recently, wearing our heavy flow 'Feeling Sporty' cotton period pants.  As you can see for yourself, our pants aren't bulky at all and feel comfortable and secure!

What exercise is best for Period Cramps?

The best exercise for period cramps is whatever makes you feel good! Endorphins are released no matter what type of exercise you do, so whatever type of 'normal' exercise is usual for you is fine to continue with on your period.  

Pads under leggings

Can you see pads through leggings?

No, you can't see pads through leggings. As you can see from the photo above, I'm wearing one of our cotton pads under normal leggings and you can't see them at all.

Need some advice?

Our lovely customer services team all actually use our pads and pants - so you can trust that the advice they give is from first hand experisnce! If you'd like some advice on where to start, try our tailored reusable period protection questionnaire, and they'll come back to you with a bespoke recommendation for what you need for your periods. 

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About the Author: Helen Rankin founded Cheeky Wipes in 2008 when she needed to find skin friendly, eco-friendly alternatives to disposable wet wipes which irritated her skin. Cheeky Pants developed when (after 4 children) internal period protection was no longer an option for her and she started looking for eco-friendly, comfy alternatives that worked! Cheeky were awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021, recognising their work on sustainability.

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