The Different Period Blood Colours and What They Mean

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We're going to talk about something that isn't always easy to discuss but is important nonetheless: period blood. There are many different types of period blood out there, and it can be overwhelming to know what each one means.

If you are squeamish or would rather not see your period blood, you can opt for period pants with a black gusset or washable pads with grey or black top layers - as well as not seeing your uterine lining, you will also be saving money and the environment!


We've created this guide to help you understand the different colours and consistencies you may see during your menstrual cycle.

What do different colours of period blood mean?

Here's our guide to what different colours of period blood mean:

Black Blood:

If you notice black period blood, don't be alarmed, this colour is simply a sign that the blood is older and has taken longer to leave your body. It's normal to see black discharge at the beginning or end of your period.

Brown or Dark Red Blood:

Brown or dark red period blood is also normal, as it is simply blood that has had time to oxidise. This brown blood can appear at any point during your period and is nothing to worry about.

Bright Red Blood:

Bright red period blood is what most people expect to see. This colour is a sign that the menstrual blood is fresh and flowing quickly. You can expect to see bright red blood at the start of your period and when it is heaviest. Uterine fibroids can cause heavy periods and this would show as fresh red blood. 

Pink Blood:

If you notice pink period blood, it's likely just a small amount of blood mixed with cervical mucus. This can occur with lighter period or when you're nearing the end of your cycle.

If you have done a positive pregnancy test and have some bleeding that is brown or pink, whilst it is important to get checked out, don't panic as it could be implantation bleeding.

Orange, Grey or Green Discharge:

These would be out of the ordinary, it could be a sign of infection or an underlying issue. We recommend speaking to Doctor if you experience any of these colours.They may be accompanied by a foul smell, irregular periods, or could be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection.


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What do different consistencies of period blood mean?

Hormone levels - especially estrogen levels - can affect your period blood colour and consistency. Here's what different consistencies of period blood mean:


It's normal to see small blood clots during your period, but large clots could be a sign of a larger issue. If you notice clots that are larger than a 10 pence piece, speak to your GP.

Washable knickers and reusable pads deal with clots really well, they absorb the fluid and any residue can be wiped away when you next go to the toilet.


Watery or Thin:

Watery or thin period blood is nothing to worry about. This can occur during a light period or at the beginning or end of your cycle.


If you notice a jelly-like consistency to your period blood, it could be a sign of cervical mucus mixing with blood. This is nothing to worry about and can happen at any point during your cycle.


Stringy period blood is also normal and can happen when your period is light or when you are nearly finished your period. This consistency is nothing to worry about.


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We hope this guide has helped you better understand the different colours and types of period blood. Remember, it's important to pay attention to any changes in your menstrual cycle and speak to your healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

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