Do Period Pants Feel Wet?

14 June 2023

What Period Underwear Really Feels Like

Whether you are 12 and just starting out or 47 and hitting the perimenopausal stage, we can all agree. No matter your age, periods can be a real pain to manage.

Periods can be unpredictable, just like toddler naps. Once you've established a routine, it can suddenly change - flow, length, consistency, regularity but you can guarantee it will appear when you don't need it - especially during beach holidays.

Finding the right period underwear can make the world of difference. Being comfortable, safe and secure will make you feel more relaxed and confident.


Let's explore what period pants should feel like. How do they work? Here are some tips to make your menstrual period experience even better.

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Do Period Pants Feel Wet?

No, when carefully chosen to suit your flow and changed regularly, period pants shouldn't feel wet throughout the day. However, there might be some initial wetness when the blood first enters the pants. Don't worry, it should be short-lived and will decrease after a few washes. Heavy periods require more absorbency and heavier flow styles which will last up to 12 hours overnight, or 4 to 5 tampons worth.

The moisture wicking layer in washable pants is designed to prevent any uncomfortable wet feelings. The cotton or bamboo top layer quickly absorbs and pulls moisture away into an absorbent core, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Make sure you wash the pants after testing them for size. Wear your own underwear while trying them on so we can exchange them if needed. Washing them will increase their absorbency. New pants are the cause of many customers problems with leaking or lack of fast absorption.

The fibres in the pants swell with water in the washing machine, becoming rougher. This makes them more absorbent. They soak up more fluid faster, and last longer between changes.

How Blood Is Absorbed

Period pants have multiple layers of absorbent fabric that work together to capture and lock in the blood. The layer next to your skin is designed to absorb blood quickly. The middle layers then distribute it evenly to prevent leaks.

If you have heavy flow, always opt for pants with front to back waistband absorbency. This will help to maximise the distribution of the blood. The outer layer is waterproof and acts as a barrier, keeping your clothes dry.


Blood is contained in the layers. It won't appear or feel like a visible puddle of blood when you go to the bathroom.

Comparing Period Pants to Pads

Period pants are like regular underwear, providing a snug and secure fit. With period pants, you won't experience the shifting or discomfort often associated with pads. They offer a discreet and leak-resistant option that can give you peace of mind throughout the day.

Reusable underwear and reusable pads both have their place. It is worth having a selection of both in your stash. Changing reusable underwear can be more difficult, especially when away from home.

Wearing Them at Night

Ah, the nighttime struggle. Many of us worry about leakage during sleep. But fear not! A pair of period pants is a great option for overnight wear.

They come in various absorbency levels, so you can choose one that suits your flow.

Cheeky Period Pants range all have enhanced coverage with a front to back waistband. This leak-proof design allows you to sleep soundly no matter how you position yourself. You no longer need to fear staining your sheets.

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Different Styles and Sensations

Reusable period pants come in many styles. These include thongs, bikini briefs, full coverage shorts and high-waisted 'Bridget Jones' big pants. You can choose the style that works best for you.

Some people prefer different styles for comfort or fit. Don't be afraid to try different options. Experiment to find what works best for you.

Choosing the right protection for your flow means less bulk on light days. If you have heavy menstrual bleeding and no chance of overflow - avoiding any vaginal wetness.

It's also worth noting that period pants can be used interchangeably as incontinence pants for light urinary incontinence, however we also have a range of washable incontinence pads specifically for this purpose.

Trial and Error for Optimal Use

Finding the right timing for changing your period pants might take some trial and error. If you bleed heavily, your pants feeling wet or experiencing leaks may be a sign that you need to change them more often. Remember, everyone's flow is different, and it's important to listen to your body.

Check your wash routine if you find pants that previously worked well start to feel wet sooner than normal. Remember to cold water wash and avoid fabric softener as it will build up a coating on the pants stopping moisture from being absorbed. Get in touch if this happens and we can run you through so tips to remove it.

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Period pants are designed to keep you feeling dry and confident throughout your menstrual cycle. When the blood first soaks into the pants, it may feel wet for a moment, however the wicking layers will soon absorb and spread out the liquid. This will keep you comfortable and dry.

Period pants offer an alternative to traditional pads and tampons. They are comfortable and gentle on sensitive skin. This means you can wear any clothes you want without worrying about leaks.

So, go ahead and embrace the comfort and convenience that period pants provide. Your period deserves to be managed with ease and style!

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