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Reusable sanitary pads - benefits

Most obviously, reusable pads are well, reusable.  Aside from being eco-friendly they're also single-use plastic free.   An estimated 4.3 billion sanitary protection items are used every year,  create not just heaps of landfill but marine pollution also.   Their production and supply chains burn through our planet's resources, single-use products have a carbon footprint many many times higher than that of reusable pads over their lifetime

You hopefully already know that tampons and disposable sanitary products should be binned, never flushed, but nonetheless they still end up in our drains and sewers leading to marine pollution. The Marine conservation society cleaned approximately 5 tampons or used pads for every 100m of beach cleaned last year.  They not only wash up on our beaches but also often end up in the stomachs of fish, turtles, seabirds and sea mammals. It’s sad and disgusting.

Here at Team Cheeky, we're passionate about providing Simple Reusables. They’re better for the planet, better for your pocket and better for you!

So, let’s discuss 6 of our products, taking a look at liners vs day vs night pads and comparing fabrics too. 

Bamboo / bamboo charcoal reusable menstrual pads

Our bamboo and bamboo charcoal pads are formed from TPU lined bamboo plush which forms the outer layer away from your skin.  There's then a microfibre inner of one or two layers and lastly against your skin is a layer of creamy coloured bamboo terry or grey coloured bamboo microfleece.

These pads are brilliant for heavy flow periods.  The microfibre is super absorbent so even if you suffer from really heavy periods, endometriosis, clots or flooding, we guarantee that you won't end up waking up in a puddle of blood with these pads.

In terms of the different tops, it's really down to personal preference.  Being grey coloured, the bamboo charcoal microfleece doesn't show any blood stains, so if you're squeamish about blood these might be best for you.  However we find it a bit warmer to wear against your skin, so if this might be an issue for you, try the bamboo terry.

All our pads have got poppers which help in two ways, both poppering under the gusset of your knickers and also folding & poppering closed for discreet transport of both clean and soiled pants.

Bamboo / charcoal liners - for light days of heavy flow periods - Size approximately 19cm x 7cm

These pads are perfect if your periods are generally heavy and the smaller size makes them brilliant for teens and tweens with heavy periods.

Bamboo / charcoal day pads - for heavy periods - Size approximately 22cm x 7cm

Again, those with heavy periods will find these perfect for day use and shouldn't need changing as regularly as a disposable maxi pad.  More comfortable than single use day pads, they’re much more absorbent too, the moisture is drawn into the pad so you feel fresher for longer. Who wouldn’t want that?

Bamboo / charcoal - night / maternity / pads for heavy flow, clots or flooding Size approximately 28cm x 7cm

These are the big guns of our period pads.  We've been told by customers who used to have to double up maxi pads that these bad boys will hold whatever is thrown at them.  The same customers also RAVE about sleeping in them, telling us how reassuring it is to sleep knowing that 'you're not going to blood everywhere in the night'.

100% cotton cloth sanitary pads

There's no doubting that for absorbency, the bamboo / charcoal pads are brilliant, which makes them perfect for heavy flow periods.  But if, like me, you'd describe your periods as 'regular', then our 100% reusable sanitary pads are probably a better fit for you.

All our cotton reusable sanitary pads have got a grey cotton layer against your skin which makes sense so that they don't show blood stains.

Reusable Cotton Panty Liners - size 21cm x 5cm approximately

These liners are brilliant if your periods are irregular and you usually wear a liner 'just in case'.  Thinner discreet, and much more breathable than their single use alternatives.  Also brilliant towards the end of pregnancy when everything just feels quite moist in your nether regions.

Reusable Cotton Day Pads - for regular flow - size 24cm x 7cm approximately

If your periods, like mine are 'regular' then these will be perfect for you.    Great for wearing in addition to period pants on heavy flow days.  Not because period pants aren't absorbent enough, but because if you like to feel fresh, it's much easier to whip a pad out of your knickers during the day than it is to change your knickers!

Customers love the comfort of these pads, noting that you can't feel any wetness or notice any smell and that they wash up well.

Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pads - for night & maternity use - size 28cm x 7cm

Again, customers tell us that these are the perfect replacement for disposable pads, being comfortable and washing well.  If your periods are generally regular, you'll find that these will work well overnight for you and also be suitable for post-partum use when your lochia may not be so heavy.

No matter whether you’re spotting lightly, or in full heavy flow, we've got reusable pads for you.

Still got questions about switching to reusable period protection? Don’t worry. Fill in our simple quiz as a brilliant place to start if you just want to get an idea of what you need NOW and for it to arrive in time for your next cycle. If you can wait a couple of days for a response, we also have a completely tailored questionnaire, answered by REAL people who all use the products themselves and LOVE to overshare!

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