Top 13 Reusable Sanitary Pads reviewed for 2023

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If you're a disposable sanitary pad user, switching to reusable menstrual products isn't just a more eco friendly and plastic free alternative. They're also much more comfortable and will save you money too.

Reusable Sanitary Pads - the sustainable alternative

An estimated 4.3 billion sanitary protection items are used every year,  creating not just heaps of landfill but marine pollution also.  Their production and supply chains burn through our planet's resources, single-use products have a carbon footprint many many times higher than that of reusable pads over their lifetime

You hopefully already know that tampons and disposable sanitary products should be binned, never flushed, but nonetheless they still end up in our drains and sewers leading to marine pollution. The Marine conservation society cleaned approximately 5 tampons or used pads for every 100m of beach cleaned last year. They not only wash up on our beaches but also often end up in the stomachs of fish, turtles, seabirds and sea mammals. It’s sad and disgusting.

Here at Team Cheeky, we're passionate about providing Simple Reusables. They’re better for the planet, better for your pocket and better for you!

So, let’s review the top 13 reusable sanitary pads for 2023:

  1. Bamboo pantyliners
  2. Bamboo reusable sanitary pads
  3. Bamboo reusable night pads
  4. Cotton pantyliners
  5. Reusable cotton day pads
  6. Reusable cotton night pads
  7. Organic cotton panty liners
  8. Organic cotton pads
  9. Organic cotton night pads
  10. Superlight washable panty liners
  11. Light washable incontinence panty liners
  12. Reusable incontinence pads
  13. Reusable incontinence pads - large


Our bamboo charcoal and bamboo sanitary pads are formed from TPU lined bamboo plush which forms the outer layer away from your skin. There's then a microfibre inner of one or two layers and lastly against your skin is a layer of creamy coloured bamboo terry or grey coloured bamboo microfleece.

These pads are brilliant for heavy flow periods, being leak-proof and comfortable. The microfibre is super absorbent so even if you suffer from really heavy periods, endometriosis, clots or flooding, we guarantee that you won't end up waking up in a puddle of blood with these pads.

In terms of the different tops, it's really down to personal preference. Being grey coloured, the bamboo charcoal microfleece menstrual pad doesn't show any blood stains, so if you're squeamish about blood these might be best for you. However we find it a bit warmer to wear against your skin, so if this might be an issue for you, try the bamboo terry.

All our bamboo pads have got poppers which help in two ways, both poppering under the gusset of your knickers and also folding & poppering closed for discreet transport of both clean and soiled pants.

Bamboo Period Pad starter kit

1. Bamboo / charcoal liners - for light days of heavy flow periods - Size approximately 19cm x 7cm

These pads are perfect if your periods are generally heavy and the smaller size makes them brilliant for teens and tweens with heavy periods.

2.Bamboo / charcoal day pads - for heavy periods - Size approximately 22cm x 7cm

Again, those with heavy periods will find these perfect for day use and shouldn't need changing as regularly as a disposable maxi pad. More comfortable than single use day pads, they’re much more absorbent too, the moisture is drawn into the pad so you feel fresher for longer. Who wouldn’t want that?

3.Bamboo / charcoal - night / maternity / pads for heavy flow, clots or flooding Size approximately 28cm x 7cm

These are the big guns of our period pads. We've been told by customers who used to have to double up maxi pads that these bad boys will hold whatever is thrown at them. The same customers also RAVE about sleeping in them, telling us how reassuring it is to sleep knowing that 'you're not going to bleed everywhere in the night'.

Our bamboo period pads come as a period starter kit or as multi-buy bundle which offer fantastic value for money.

'These are so good. I was a bit worried, having a very heavy flow for a few days (getting old...), but there is no leakage with either the hipster shorts (used alone in the day) or the bamboo heavy-flow pads (used alone at night). My experience has been so much better that I really won't go back to non-reusable sanitary towels unless it's an emergency.' Deborah via Trustpilot

Cotton sanitary pad kit

Cotton cloth sanitary pads

There's no doubting that for absorbency, the bamboo / charcoal pads are brilliant, which makes them perfect for heavy flow periods. But if, like me, you'd describe your periods as 'regular', then our 100% reusable sanitary pads made with oeko-tex certified cotton sanitary pads are probably a better fit for you.

All our cotton reusable sanitary pads have got a grey cotton layer against your skin which makes sense so that they don't show blood stains. These are my 'go-to' pad which I wear with period pants on my heavier days. Not because my period pants aren't absorbent enough, but because I like the freedom of being able to whip out a pad and wear what feels like clean knickers for the rest of the day!

4. Reusable Cotton Panty Liners - size 21cm x 5cm approximately

These liners are brilliant if your periods are irregular and you usually wear a liner 'just in case'. Thinner discreet, and much more breathable than their single use alternatives. Also brilliant towards the end of pregnancy when everything just feels quite moist in your nether regions.

5. Reusable Cotton Day Pads - for regular flow - size 24cm x 7cm approximately

Customers love the comfort of these pads, noting that you can't feel any wetness or notice any smell and that they wash up well.

6. Cotton Cloth Sanitary Pads - for night & maternity use - size 28cm x 7cm

Again, customers tell us that these are the perfect replacement for disposable pads, being comfortable and washing well. If your periods are generally regular, you'll find that these will work well overnight for you and also be suitable for post-partum use when your lochia may not be so heavy.

The cotton pads come in a money saving pad set also as well as a full kit which will cover one entire period.

'Great product, absorbed loads, didn’t leak and washed out well' Product Review via Trustpilot

Non slip organic cotton period pads

Organic Cotton Period Pads

Our organic cotton period pads are a firm favourite at Cheeky HQ, with both Kirsten and Jo loving them! Aside from being GOTS certified organic cotton, they're black in colour too, meaning they just don't stain.

In addition, these have a non-slip silicone backing which holds the pads in place, brilliant if you're quite active.

7. Reusable Organic Cotton PantyLiner - 19cm x 6cm, these are ultra thin and perfect for everyday use.

8.Organic Cotton Period Pad for day use - 22cm x 6cm, brilliant for normal flow days of your period.

'My favourite pad yet, non bulky, discreet. I wore these inside the cheeky pants for extra reassurance but had no issues at all. Easy enough to rinse out and wash.' Jody, Product Review

9. Organic Cotton Night / Maternity Pad - Our largest pad in this range at 28cm x 6cm. Brilliant for night-time or postpartum use.

'Used after a c section. Amazingly absorbent.' Product Review via Trustilot

Washable Incontinence Pads

Washable Cotton Incontinence Pads

If you need sanitary pads for incontinence use, look no further. Our fearless incontinence pads were specially designed in conjunction with Penny Broderick, who suffers from chronic incontinence.

They're designed in an hourglass shape, wider to the rear and have tabs which make opening and closing easier for anyone with mobility issues in their hands or fingers. They sit flat in your knickers, preventing run-off too. Charcoal impregnated to keep smells in check.

10. Superlight Washable Incontinence Pantyliners - 19cm x 7cm. Perfect for daily use or sneeze / giggle incontinence.

'Using these as “just in case” panty liners at the moment. They’re comfortable and stay in place. I chose the greyish ones which are easily laundered in Cheeky’s net bag with my dark wash. Happy not to be adding pantyliners to landfill anymore.' Product Review via Trustpilot

11. Light Reusable Incontinence Pantyliners - 20.5cm x 7cm. Again, these are more liner sized than for regular use, perfect for little leaks.

12. Washable Incontinence Pads - 28cm x 7cm. These are great for mild to moderate incontinence.

'These do the job and perform as I had hoped. Have been washed several times now, and no shrinkage or other "distortion" as sometimes happens with products. I bought these because I had developed an allergic reaction to the adhesives on panty liners/pads. So far, no adverse reactions and the rash that prompted the change to these pads is clearing up. They are expensive, but if they last for at least a year, will be a break-even cost wise versus disposable pads. Comfort is great - love that aspect, and they do stay in place, and don't "show" under jeans. So far, happy customer.' Product Review via Trustpilot

13.Reusable Incontinence Pad for moderate incontinence / night time use - 33cm x 7 cm, these large pads give extra security without being bulky.

'The pad is very big but is comfortable and worked really well. No leakage at all. These pads are by far the best I have tried in my quest to cut down on plastic. Will definitely be buying more.' Product Review via Trustpilot

No matter whether you’re spotting lightly, or in full heavy flow, Cheeky have got reusable pads for you.

Still got questions about switching to reusable period protection? Don’t worry. Fill in our simple quiz as a brilliant place to start if you just want to get an idea of what you need NOW and for it to arrive in time for your next cycle. If you can wait a couple of days for a response, we also have a completely tailored questionnaire, answered by REAL people who all use the products themselves and LOVE to overshare!

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About the Author: Helen Rankin is a Mum of 4 who needs her sleep! She founded Cheeky Wipes, the original reusable wipes kit back in 2008 after disposable wipes caused her eczema to flare up. She went on to develop their range of 'Simple Reusables' to include reusable period pants & pads in the UK and reusable makeup removing pads. Her customer services team pride themselves on providing relatable friendly advice and just LOVE to chat pee, poo and periods all day long! The Company was recognised for their hard work in developing environmentally friendly products with the Queens Award in Enterprise for Sustainable Development in 2021.

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