Reusable Period and Incontinence
Protection Advice Questionnaire

Thanks for choosing our bespoke reusable period and incontinence advice questionnaire.  You'll hear from Kirstin, normally on the same day but at most within a day or so (Monday - Friday). If you haven't heard from us within a few days, PLEASE check your spam / junk folder, especially if you have a hotmail or outlook email address!

Kirstin will come back to you with two options...a 'dip your toe in the water', recommending key products for you to try first if you're unsure and a 'jump right in at the deep end' option, which will be everything you might need, based on your responses.

If you'd prefer an idea straight away, have a look at our new simple questionnaire that will give you a quick and dirty response! 

Of course, if you've any questions about our recommendations or products, drop in on our live chat Mon-Fri between 10am-2pm where one of the team will be happy to help.



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