Cheeky Pants Suppliers - where are they made?

Some brands make a song and dance about making all their products in the UK but actually don't which is misleading at best, downright lies at worst.

We'd much rather be clear and transparent.  We're proud to work with specially selected partners in Turkey, China and Pakistan who meet our ethical production standards.

We're also proud to have won the Queens Award for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category.  This distinctive and prestigious award inspects each part of your supply chain, where you must prove how it meets the strict UN strict and guidelines for Sustainable Development.

We would love to manufacture in the UK, but we just can't do so at a price level which would make our simple reusables available to many people, rather than just the well-heeled few. Rather we've chosen to accept that our goods have an increased carbon loading from shipping however this is offset by making our products available at that lower price point.  This then lowers carbon emissions and waste production overall by replacing single-use products for a lot more people than if the price was higher.

Our fantastic partner factories in Turkey, China and Pakistan have been personally visited and vetted to ensure that they meet our ethical production standard:

No child labour - underage children are not employed by our suppliers

No forced labour - their workforces choose to work for their employers,  and can leave at any time 

No discrimination - all workers are fairly treated, with no discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity, age, politics, marital status, race, gender, disability, nationality or caste

Fair pay for a fair days work - all wages and benefits meeting at least the national standard if not higher

Working hours - which must meet national legal standards with overtime being purely voluntary and paid at a higher rate

Working conditions - should be safe, hygienic and clean



Committed to being better…

One of our suppliers (featured in the header of this page) is based in Pakistan, they're a family owned business and it's delightful not only to meet the father and son who do such a good job of running the business, but also the wider family circle too. They recently relocated to a new factory and invested in green solar panels to meet their energy requirements. Trees have been planted around the factory, making it a welcoming and shady environment for workers. The factory have a sponsorship scheme, paying for workers to attend university and better their education and providing a job for them once they graduate.

Here's a video showing the solar panels that they installed as part of their warehouse build:

If you'd like to know any more about any of our suppliers, feel free to drop us a line, we're always happy to chat.

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