Award Winning Reusables

We're over the moon to share with you that our parent company, Cheeky Wipes WON the Queens Awards for Enterprise in the Sustainable Development category, being one of just 17 companies recognised for this award in 2021. Our press release details our experience.

We think it's worth spending a little time to explain about awards, why we don't usually enter them and what makes the Queens Award such an enormous deal.

The Queens Awards are recognised as being very prestigious. They're totally independent and companies can enter in any of  4 categories:

  • International Trade
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Promoting Opportunity through social mobility

This isn't just a 250 word application. For the sustainable development category, the application looks for information on how we meet the 16 UN sustainable development goals, which we must prove with examples. They require us to demonstrate how these values are ingrained within our company values and management team. In addition to that, how these values are passed on to you our customers and followers on social media. We had to discuss our strategy in developing sustainably for the future. These are just a few of the types of questions raised, the total supporting document came to almost 4,000 words. It was a huge amount of work for the team in collating the substantiating evidence to support our application.

We aren't a huge corporation like some of the other winners, our management team consists of just 5 staff in total, so you can probably understand the enormity of this task.

Being awarded with this recognition means that we've been able to prove our dedication to sustainable development and this has been acknowledged with the highest possible award in the UK.


Magazine Awards

The Queens Awards aren't the only awards by comparison. Several media / magazine companies host their own awards. We can guarantee that you'll have seen these logos plastered over both product packaging and websites. It's fair to say that we have entered a few of these awards over the last 13 years because they 'get your name out there', however invariably we're left feeling a bit... well, cynical and jaded?

Many of these awards are sponsored by big names with lots of marketing budget behind them.  Often these are supermarket own brands for their own product ranges which then (coincidentally?) go on to win across lots of categories. As a small company, these are just too expensive, between the entry costs and 'Black Tie' celebration dinner, running into thousands of pounds. Again, co-incidentally, the winners are often those who have spent money on a table at the celebration, costing £££.  

At Team Cheeky, we'd rather spend our time and enthusiasm attending baby shows and exhibitions (covid-allowing) because it gives us an opportunity to meet you, our lovely customers and get your feedback face to face, which is a real treat.

In summary - we're hugely proud to have won this really esteemed award, acknowledging the last 13 years of hard work in developing our sustainable business.  Here's to a more sustainable future!


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