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Searching for the best plus size period pants?

You're in the right place, Cheeky period pants are available up to size 22 and size 24!

You may have come across the idea of period underwear and are wondering if they're for you. To answer simply, yes, if you have periods, you can totally wear period pants.

Our customers call them 'game changing' for a reason and if you want to buy from the experts in period pants, then you've come to the right place. Here at Cheeky HQ we've been delivering eco friendly 'Simple Reusables' over the last 13 years and taken our customers on a reusable eco-journey, so we've got the expertise and knowledge to do reusable period products right! 

We've been recognised for our sustainable development with our small female-led management team, which means that we literally live the brand and understand how much of a pain in the bum periods can be. We're all real women too and we appreciate that real women come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we have our range of size 22 period pants and size 24 period pants & period shorts.

Are Cheeky Pants any good?

Yes, Cheeky Pants are good as they perform as well or better than bigger brands! Many other brands of period pants have only got absorbency in the gusset area. However customers told us that this was no good to them, they leaked out the front or rear.

All Cheeky Period Pants have absorbency to the front and rear waistband as standard, except on the Cosy Shorts and Limitless thong.

Here's our list of the best plus size period pants you should try in 2023:

  1. Feeling Cosy - Bamboo Period Shorts
  2. Feeling Confident - Shapewear Period Pants
  3. Feeling Sassy - Jewel Coloured Period Briefs
  4. Feeling Pretty - Lace Topped Period Pants
  5. Feeling Fearless - High-Waisted Heavy Flow Period Pants

Feeling Cosy - Period Shorts in Bamboo or Cotton

A new addition to our range which have been really popular are our period shorts (above). There's now no excuse for a bad nights sleep just because you've got your period. 

Many of our customers have told us that making the change to reusable period protection helped them sleep much better as they're not worried about waking up looking like an extra from Texas Chainsaw massacre.

These are available in cotton or new bamboo period shorts.

Customers love them: "Absolutely love these shorts. They are large and very comfortable - and as with all Cheeky period pants I feel safe and secure in the knowledge that I have full front-to-back leak protection, so can sleep easy. They sit just above my hips, and come a couple of inches down the leg. I would say they are generously sized - the 14-16 are perfect on me, though I am definitely at the 16 end of that spectrum, probably more like 16-18 with period bloat. The pocket for a heatpack is a genius, although I am yet to find the ideal size to fit in there comfortably. But can confirm it perfectly accommodates a kindle, though I draw the line at using it for snacks".

Period Shorts in plus sizes up to size 22 and size 24. Get Cheeky!

Feeling Confident - Shapewear period pants 

You might be back to work or events now and if so, you might be looking for some period pants which combine function and form - giving bit of control top to them to give you a streamlined shape under fitted dresses. If so, look no further than our fantastic shapewear period pants. They hold you in enough to give that fantastic Marilyn Monroe style shape, meaning that you feel confident even if you've got your period. We really LOVE how they look.

Period Pants in size 22 and 24 - control top shapewear

Feeling Sassy - Jewel Coloured Period Briefs

We also have some brilliant everyday styles available in plus sizes. If you fancy something alittle bit more exciting than useful but dull black, then take a look at our Sassy Period Pants. They're available in boring black, but also tremendous teal or bloody brilliant berry colours, again up to size 22 to 24.

Plus size period pants in purple

Pretty Lace Topped Period Knickers - Heavy Period Pants

They aren't our only colourful period panties. Our 'Feeling Pretty' lace topped period pants also come in beautiful berry and tantalising teal and are also available as size 22 period pants and size 24.

These also come as heavy period pants with an extra layer of absorbency.

Pretty Lace-topped period pants - available in sizes 22 & 24

If you've got teens or tweens looking for plus size period pants or would prefer cotton period pants, then look at our Sporty, cotton period pants which also come in an extra absorbency version perfect for heavy periods.

Heavy period pants in plus sizes

Heavy periods suck. From cramps to clots and flooding, we totally understand how debilitating it can be for many people. That the embarrassment and worry about leaking can really ruin your day. And that's without considering the soreness from chafing in plasticky disposable pads.

For those of you with heavy periods like this, we've got four styles which contain an extra layer of absorbency and can hold up to 4 tampons worth of blood to keep you leak-free.

Here's our list of the best plus size heavy flow period pants for 2023:

  1. Fearless - Heavy Flow High-waisted Period Knickers in plus size
  2. Heavy Flow Boybrief in plus size
  3. Heavy Flow Cotton Period Pants - Available to size 24
  4. Heavy Flow Pretty Plus size Period Pants

We've already mentioned the heavy flow cotton sporty and pretty lace topped pants.

In addition, available up to size 24, we've also got the extra absorbency version of our best-selling high-waisted 'Comfy' period pants, called Fearless:

Fearless Period Pants in sizes 22 to 24 for heavy periods

We have one further heavy flow style available up to size 22, which is our heavy flow boybrief style knickers.

90 Day period pants trial - LOVE them or your money back

If you haven't tried period undies before, we understand that the WTF factor can seem like a step too far. We get that. But we know that you'll love them if you give them a go. So we've put our money where our mouth is with our 90 day trial - we guarantee that you'll love them or we'll refund your money back.

How to wash period pants

Take a look at our period pants washing instructions, but to wash period pants:

  • rinse period pants after wearing in cold water
  • wash in a cool wash (max 30c) with some oxi stain remover
  • avoid fabric softener
  • air dry


We love talking pee, poo & periods!

If you're not sure how many pairs of period pants you'll need or what style would suit you best, we can help.  Take a look at our period protection questionnaire and one of the team will get back to you with a completely bespoke recommendation based on your periods. In addition, feel free to drop us an email, or use the chat function on the site which is available from Monday to Friday. The customer services team love to chat and are the queens of over sharing so nothing is TMI and no question is silly!

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