Does Your Period Stop In Water?

13 September 2023

No, your period does not stop in water. However, the pressure of the water may lessen your flow, which can give you the impression that it has stopped.

I have been a swimming teacher for most of my adult life and was a high board diver as a teen. I love to sea swim now when I can drag myself out of bed at dawn to join the mermaids on our beach. This all leads to MORE experience with periods and water than the average person. My period doesn't stop when I am in the water and if I use my stomach muscles it will be released but the equilibrium of the water holds most of it in place.

I used to teach in 5hr shifts, so I would tie two tampons together to try and make it through - with water going in and blood coming out, they didn't last. It was also very uncomfortable!

Whilst the pressure of the water holds most of your period blood in your vaginal canal while you are upright in water as soon as you rise from the deep it will make its way out, even if a parent wants a chat about their offsprings olympic efforts in the baby pool!

So if you are planning a beach holiday or taking up laps in your local pool read on for ways to cope with your period in the water. 

What If I Bleed In Water?

Period Protection in Water

Swimming is Good For Your Period

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What If I Bleed In Water?

Despite common misconceptions, there will be no red, bloody trail behind you if you do bleed in the water. Nor will sharks come and attack you! 

The water will quickly dilute anything that leaves your body and there are many articles that show you are not more attractive to sea creatures when menstruating.

That said, there are some options to avoid leaks and the risk of blood being visible when you leave the water.


Period Protection in Water

Here’s some period protection options for when you’ll be in water.

Period Swimsuit

Period swimming costumes are relatively new to the market and have water repelling technology weaved into the fabric to prevent any water soaking into the costume. This water resistance means no water in and no blood out makes for a comfortable, secure leak proof swim.

Period swimming cozzies hold two tampons worth of blood in the gusset absorbent lining.

Cheeky period proof swimwear is shaped to suit school swimming lessons and still be flattering for beach holidays. It has - 

  • support in the bust
  • removable breast pads
  • adjustable straps
  • built in absorbency 


Wash as you would your period underwear, rinse when removed then machine wash at 30 degrees avoiding fabric softener and direct heat.

For heavy flow days period swimwear brings peace of mind about leaking when using internal protection, double up to feel secure for longer.

Period Bikini

Using the same technology as the period swimming suit, reusable period bikinis allow you to swim on your period without internal protection. They are great for holidays and lounging on the beach. The bonus of a bikini is that you can change the bottoms whenever needed with one drying while you wear another pair. Just rinse thoroughly and dangle on your poolside umbrella!


This also allows you to wear a different bikini top if needed. If you have a favourite bikini top or you prefer an underwired bikini with more structure, mix and match!

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Menstrual Cups 

You can double up your reusable period swimwear with a menstrual cup if relying on external protection makes you nervous or if your periods are heavy. These can be fiddly to empty out and about so opt for the disabled toilets and take a bottle of water in with you to rinse if there may not be a sink.

Period swimwear works to back these up.


Take care to remove your tampon ASAP when you finish swimming as it will have absorbed the water around you and will hold that in your vagina. Any bacteria or chemicals in the water will be inside you and could lead to infections.

Swimming is Good For Your Period

In fact, swimming might even help relieve cramps! One study concluded that swimming significantly decreased many of their physical and psychological symptoms.

Cold water swimming is extremely popular for easing the aches of those with injuries and year round dipping is great for PMT. Studies show that dipping in cold water can alleviate symptoms of the menopause (as well as perimenopause) and improves mental health in general. Don't let your period hold you back.


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Period Proof  Swimwear

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About the Author: Kirstin loves living by the sea with her three children. As part of Cheeky Wipes customer service team she spends most days talking about periods, poo, and pee. In 2021 Cheeky wipes was honoured with a Queens Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development celebrating their hard work over the last 13 years.

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