FAQ: What about pee?

Little leaks can be a problem for people of any age, but they tend to be worse if you're approaching menopause / peri-menopause (like us) or have had kids (like us). 

First and foremost, we recommend that you try and do something about it first - there's no point in suffering if you can cure it! For that, see a pelvic floor physiotherapist, and make sure you do your Kegel exercises and maybe try our Kegel weights).   However these take time to work and during the rehab period,  our range of reusable incontinence pads and pants are discreet, eco-friendly and super comfortable so that you can continue to go about your daily life.

Formed of multiple layers, these layers trap wetness and wick it away from the skin,  with a leak-proof layer to stop you leaking onto your clothing. Popper the pads into your pants patterned side / label side down and plain side towards your body.

Isn't washing soiled pants or pads gross?  What about pee in the washing machine?

On balance, we believe that it's way more gross to keep creating landfill or fatbergs / marine pollution.  Urine washes out brilliantly, we like to rinse then pre-soak our used knickers and pads so that they wash well.  If you're using these for periods too, then a 30c wash or lower is recommended (higher temps set blood stains).


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