Cheeky Pants Bamboo Charcoal Period Pad FULL Kits
 Cheeky Pants Bamboo Charcoal Period Pad FULL KitsCheeky Pants Bamboo Charcoal Period Pad FULL Kits 

Cheeky Pants Bamboo Charcoal Period Pad FULL Kits

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Bamboo Plush Cloth Menstrual Pad - entire period bundle

Our Cheeky Pants Washable Menstrual Pad full kits contain:

  • 2 Bamboo / Plush Liners - approx 19 cm x 7 cm
  • 6 Bamboo / Plush Day Pads - approx 22cm x 7cm
  • 2 Bamboo / Plush night / maternity pads - approx 28cm x 7cm
  • Pads & Pants soaking box to store your soiled items pre-washing
  • Teatree & teatree lemon blend oil, kick-starting the hygiene process and keeping smells at bay
  • Mesh Laundry bag; cold or maximum 30c wash, otherwise blood stains may set!


How absorbent are the bamboo plush pads?
They're very absorbent but everyone is different.  You know your period best so change your protection in line with your flow.  Treat them as you would treat fairly absorbent disposable pads.

I don't get the difference between cotton and bamboo plush pads?
The bamboo plush pads are made from man-made material and are thicker they therefore tend to be better for heavier days of your periods. The cotton pads are a lot cooler to wear, it's a lot thinner if you prefer a more discreet pad. The cotton material helps the pad to stay in place and is less likely to move around! Popper in with plain side to body and patterned side to pants.

How do I wash cloth sanitary pads or washable incontinence pads?
It's simple to look after your Cheeky® pads & pants, take a look at our washing and care guide for hints and tips

Love them - or your money back with our 90 Day Trial  
We all use and love our Cheeky Products so much that we'll put our money where our mouth is!  If you haven't come across reusable products like these before, we understand that you might be hesitant.

Buy with confidence, knowing that you can try them for a 90 day trial and if for any reason you don't get on with them, we'll refund you in full.  

I'm still not sure…

Well in the first instance, for more info on Cheeky® products, take a look at our FAQs page.  If you're still unsure of anything, then please either send us an email or drop us a message on our chat!

Machine wash cold (maximum 30 degrees) and then line dry. Never use bleach or fabric softener.  Not suitable for tumble drying.

How to look after your Cheeky period protection


  • Rinse them in cold water when you change them and then soak in cold water until you are ready to wash them​.
  • Wash at 20°C or 30°C on a longer cycle, warm washing sets blood stains and can damage your pads.
  • You can give them a squirt of stain spray and/or add a scoop of stain powder to the wash.
  • Wash dark colours separately.
  • No fabric softener!
  • Line dry, reshape whilst damp.
  • Do not use any bleach on this product.
  • Vegan friendly
  • Oeko-tex certified
  • Paraben free
  • SLS free


For more information and top tips on how to look after your Cheeky period protection check out our guide!

Washing and Care Guide

Tips for using Cheeky Pads:

Cotton or Bamboo / Bamboo Charcoal - plain side facing upwards, patterns towards underwear

Insert the pad into your knickers with the plain side of cotton or bamboo / bamboo charcoal face upwards. Close the poppers underneath the gusset of your knickers.

Tight Pants
Firstly, try to wear fairly tight fitting pants. If you usually keep your old, saggy pants which have really seen better days for that time of the month, time to invest in some new ones! Tighter pants will help a cloth pad stay in place and avoid slippage. Cotton knickers are best or cotton / lycra mix.

Turn 180° if you suffer from slippage with Bamboo and Bamboo Charcoal pads
The soft outer plush fabric has some grip - if it is inserted against the nap of the fabric. If you notice that your pad is slipping, turn it around 180 degrees, front to back.







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