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Helen our founder has her first child, Archie.  She discovers that her eczema is massively inflamed from using disposable wipes, leaving her hands sore and cracked.  Switching to reusable wipes makes sense and after some trial and error, Helen develops a system to make the wipes simple and easy to use, not just at home but when out and about too.


Felix, number two son arrives 3 years later and at 4 months old spends a few days in hospital where Helen is forced to use disposable wipes.  That gives Helen the idea of making her reusable wipes system available for everyone, no matter whether they use cloth or disposable nappies.


Cheeky Wipes finally bursts into life when Helen is 37 weeks pregnant with baby number 3.   Thankfully her fabulous in-laws converted their garage to help picking and packing of orders.


As the business grows,  Cheeky Wipes move into a shared warehouse space alongside two other businesses.  


After meeting in the school playground, Claire is employed as the first official member of staff.  Starting as pick and pack assistant, Claire swiftly moves on to look after Customer Services also.  8 years later,  Claire is now our Operations and Product Development Manager. 


After having 4 children, Helen finds that internal period protection is no longer suitable for her. She makes it her mission to find a sustainabe alternative and quickly discovers cloth sanitary pads, which are added to the range and quickly become bestsellers. Jo then joins the team part time to help with Customer Services.   7 years later has a fab team of 4 who help answer your queries, questions and questionnaires on a daily basis!


We add period pants to the range.  As always, we listen to customer feedback from the initial production runs.  Customers asked us to  increase the absorbency to the front and rear waistband as standard on all pants, which we have done and makes our pants the most robust  within the period pants market.  We add two more awesome team members, including another Claire who is now our brilliant Warehouse Manager. That makes 5 at the Christmas Party! 


The Covid Pandemic hits.  Supermarket shelves are emptied of loo roll and baby wipes panic buying ensues.  It results in a very busy few months for Team Cheeky as people make the switch to reusables.  The warehouse remains open (with social distancing in place) however we are all relieved to move to our own larger warehouse,  in May 2020. 


Cheeky Wipes now employs 35 staff in total and are hugely proud to be awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise in the category of Sustainable Development.  

Cheeky Pants is launched as a standalone website, giving customers a better customer experience.

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