On a Cheeky mission

We love what we do. We’re very proud of what we’ve already accomplished. And, brilliantly, it seems like every year and every new product we launch more and more of you love it too.

Reusables as an alternative to the many many plastic, expensive, uncomfortable, ineffective and wasteful disposable options out there are our bread and butter. Our foundation and our focus.

But it’s our mission to get more people on board with us because the journey is only just beginning. We hold ourselves to account and are always looking for new ways to help people make the shift by making reusables…





And doing all of it in a way that’s relatable, clear and transparent, simple and shows our complete passion.

If we can blow someone’s socks off because they’d never heard of washable pads before but now would never go back… If we can get reviews saying our products are 'game-changers' because they've given them confidence to go about their life which they never had before… If we can inspire one lovely Customer to tell just one other person about us and about how simple reusables can be…

Then our mission is on track.


To make reusables the norm and ours the business synonymous with that.
The go-to / must-have. The standard we hold other brands - and ourselves - to.
The inspiration to seek alternatives, making conscious changes in our homes and lives.

Simple Reusables.

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