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Hi, I'm Helen,  founder of Cheeky Pants.  I'm a mum of 4 and started Cheeky Wipes, parent company to Cheeky Pants back in 2008.  My original reusable baby wipes kit gave me a solution to the eczema that I suffered from, which was made worse by disposable baby wipes. 

As the company grew, we developed other eco-friendly, skin friendly, pocket friendly products, with our period pants being one of the more recent developments.

Since 2016, we have saved over 90 million disposable products from landfill, something we are very proud of and which lead to us being recognised with the Queens Award for Enterprise in the sustainable development category.

Cheeky Pants was launched as a standalone website towards the end of 2021, enabling us to make it easier for customers to find what they needed.

Here's Jo, Ness & Helen discussing how we LOVE to talk pee, poo and periods....


Let me introduce a few more of the team....


Helen Rankin - Founder of Cheeky Pants

Helen Rankin


Favourite Cheeky Pants Product: Love the Sassy Pants most - they're cute, not frumpy and I do actually feel 'sassy' even when on my period!
Favourite Activity: I love socialising with friends, cooking and eating! And I have to read every night, it's my wind-down activity.
One thing you might not know about me: Helen’s dedication is unlimited, even at 5am when she often be heard tap, tap tapping away on her laptop - a fact that doesn't impress anyone sharing a room with her at an exhibition!

Helen is our passionate and hugely dedicated founder . She's an early adopter of 'eco' (WAY before Hugh Fernley Whittingstall and Sir David Attenborough jumped on the bandwagon.  Team Cheeky is a huge passion of Helen’s and she has been involved in everything,  from pick and pack in the warehouse, to creating 'how to' videos, answering our live chat, writing blog posts and website updates...the list goes on.

She’d like to say an enormous thank you to each and every one of you who likes us on socials, buys from us, or tells their friends about us.   Cheeky Pants is my 5th baby and we love bringing you all along for the ride.

Claire Sheridan - Operations Director Cheeky Pants

Claire Sheridan

Operations and Product Development Manager

Favourite Cheeky Pants Product: 'Feeling Hip' Pants
Favourite Activity : Cooking (then eating said cooking!)
One thing you might not know about me: I’m quiet until you get to know me and then I’m very funny….especially after a few gins / wine!

For 9 years Claire has been an integral part of the business, but recently she has gone above and beyond,  creating entirely new ways of doing things (which turned out to teach us loads about team efficiency).

She is at one with the printer, minimising time wasted in the picking and packing teams,  smashing personal best after personal best of how many deliveries could be despatched in a day (800 by the way!!) All while managing suppliers worldwide and ensuring the warehouse team are healthy, happy, safe and secure.

We would be lost without this brilliant human!

Jo Van Huet - Customer Experience Manager Cheeky Pants

Jo Van Huet

Customer Experience Manager

Favourite Cheeky Pants Product: Feeling Pretty period pants, total game changer
Favourite Activity: Smashing a @thebodycoach Hiit session (swiftly followed by a rehydrating G&T) .
One thing you might not know about me: I met Helen (founder) 20 years ago on the same night that I met my now husband! 

Jo is our superb Customer Experience Manager, or - as we like to say - Chief Happiness Officer. If you’ve ever queried an order’s whereabouts, asked for advice on what period pants to buy, or tried our awesome new Live Chat function, chances are you’ll have ‘met’ Jo .

Patient, INCREDIBLY knowledgeable about all things Cheeky, hugely passionate about showing people her stain free cloth period pads at exhibitions (she will warn you first) and usually heard extolling the virtues of 'game-changing' period pants too, Jo has been the first port of call for customer questions for the last 7 years, making 500 customers a week incredibly happy with honest, warm, smiley customer service.

Ness Mills - Customer Service & Social Marketing Assistant Cheeky Pants

Vanessa Mills

Social Media, Marketing & Customer Service Assistant

Favourite Cheeky Pants Product: Period pants
Favourite Activity: I LOVE going to the cinema and losing myself in a film
One thing you might not know about me: I love a good nap and can fall asleep anywhere, at any time of the day

Ness joined us as a fan, purely wanting to help out at some exhibitions and have a fun day out with an awesome bunch of women. 4 years later she’s a core part of the team covering Customer Service, Social, and Marketing generally. Pheeeeewwwww.

If you’ve completed a Period or Incontinence questionnaire, emailed us about an order, sent a message on socials or laughed at her Humpday humour posts as much as we have, you know Ness!

She’s insistent that if lots of us make little swaps and changes to our lifestyle and the things we buy and bring into our homes, we really can make a bigger collective difference and she leaves no stone unturned in her Yorkshire village - and beyond on her networking trips - to make sure everyone who could or should know about us, does.

Becky Lawrence - Marketing Manager Cheeky Pants

Becky Lawrence

Marketing Manager

Favourite Cheeky Pants Product: I've gone through and rely on them all. I literally had a hospital bag full of Cheeky products when I had my 3rd baby at the end of last year! We have 3 sets around the house and several other wetbags for out and about. I LOVE them. My eldest girls fight over who gets to wipe their sticky faces with which minky pattern and my youngest has never had anything else touch her bum! 
Favourite Activity: Eating. (And due to lockdown, ALL the cooking!) Walking (lockdown cliche right!, but actually have got quite into the peace of it) And escaping to the loo with a cup of Yorkshire gold for 5 mins peace... before being found seconds later) 
One thing you might not know about me: At uni one of my best friends and I auditioned for Supermarket Sweep (the Dale Winton era) and- devastatingly - didn't get it. We were convinced we were hilarious so it could ONLY have been that we didn't come dressed in matching shellsuits. 

The hugely talented Becky came on board just before Covid landed back in 2020 and made her mark before she left to have baby number 3 in Sept.  She is our brand champion, and has helped define what Team Cheeky means as a brand and how that translates in public.

A side effect of joining team Cheeky is her mild obsession with everything cloth nappy related with the lovely Darcey being our tester in residence.

Issie Pickup - Marketing Exec Cheeky Pants

Issie Pickup

Marketing Executive

Favourite Cheeky Pants Product: Has to be Feeling Hip Period Pants or Feeling Comfy. 
Favourite Activity: Anything to do with water, I am such a water baby and LOVE my paddle board.  I love cooking and hosting! My favourite thing to eat/cook is probably tapas, mezze, fresh seafood style. I love the social aspect of grazing, drinking wine and just enjoying good company! 
One thing you might not know about me: I used to work on film sets which involved delivering coffee to Angelina Jolie and Danny Devito, working at Cheeky Wipes is just as glamorous trust me...

Issie our spectacular Marketing Executive, joined us in September 2020 and is the newest member of the team. She brings a real spark to the team with her awesome content ideas and amazing designs. She definitely has her finger on the pulse and has been a fresh (and youthful) pair of eyes for the brand. 

Her favourite piece of kit is the lighting she got to take cracking flatlays of our products. She now always looks glowing on our zoom calls. We call her Jackie Weaver as she is the booking secretary of her local village hall. 

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