The Best Period Starter Kits 2024

3 July 2024

As parents we want to make the transitions through puberty go smoothly. The first period is hard to predict and the chances of it happening away from home are high!

What is a period starter kit?

A period starter kit includes disposable or reusable period protection items for teens or tweens to use on your first period kept ready 'just in case'. It could include a small bag containing menstrual underwear, a reusable period pad, some wipes to freshen up, and a treat if it is given as a gift.

Children can become familiar with sanitary items which helps them to feel ready and confident for their period.

I made a pack for my daughter in a discreet little wetbag a year before her first period for peace of mind. 

When the day arrived we were in the queue for Thorpe Park! I could tell it was imminent - some sort of "spidey sense" - so she was able to use the period supplies we had ready.

Which Period Starter Kit to Choose?

We have explored the period starter packs that are available in the UK and singled out the most useful. It has been a struggle to find an eco friendly disposable pack suitable for teens so please use the comments section if you know of one!

  1. WUKA
  2. Cheeky Pants
  3. Modibodi
  4. Lil-lets



Wuka First period pack £38.97 reduced to £28.98

Includes one pair of gym short style heavy flow pants in size 2XS - S (aged 8-12) or S-L (age 12-16) designed to fit multiple sizes, a wetbag and a book on periods, puberty and autism.

Trustpilot rating - 4.4

Cheeky Pants


Cheeky Pants Period Starter Kit £23.99 reduced from £27.99

Includes one pair of cotton Feeling Sporty hipster style pants available in size 4 and up (aged 11-12), a reusable cotton period liner, a mini wetbag, 5 x cotton wipes and chocolate.


Cheeky Pants Boybrief Starter Kit £33.49

Includes 3 pairs of boybriefs available from size 2 and up (aged 9-10), 2 day reusable sanitary pads, a double wetbag and 5 x cotton wipes

"Great products, great prices, great service My teen daughter uses period pants. I'd previously bought from an Australian brand, at £20 a pair, and it had taken many months to build a decent stash. As she grew out of them, I looked for a cheaper alternative.

The cosy bamboo shorts from Cheeky Wipes fit the bill - I ordered two different sizes to be safe, and the larger fit an absolute treat, and my daughter said how soft and comfy they were. At just under £30 for 3 pairs, this made it much cheaper to rebuild supplies.

Especially with the plastic-free July BOGOF offer! I contacted CW to return the unused pants and got a quick, personal reply - so lovely when a brand allows staff to interact with customers and not just send standard emails.

In short, 5* all round and I'll certainly be recommending Cheeky Wipes period pants to others."

Emma, Trustpilot review


Cheeky Pants Essentials period starter kit £30

Includes 3 pairs of bikini style period pants, 2 regular and 1 heavy flow, and a wetbag. Perfect for the first few periods as you build your teens period pants and pads stash. 

Trustpilot rating - 4.7



Teen First Period Kit £22.90

Includes a moderate - heavy flow pant available in Y8-10 and up, factsheet and stickers, bag and hand held mirror.

Trustpilot rating - 3.0


Lil-lets teens starter pack £5.99

Includes 10 disposable pads, 3 non-applicator tampon, a booklet in a reusable bag. Can be hard to get hold of, but the lil-lets website often has stock.

Best Buys

Here is a quick guide to our best buys - 

Best Overall: Cheeky wipes Boybrief starter kit £33.49 includes 3 pairs of pants and 2 pads

Best for Early Puberty StartersCheeky wipes Boybrief starter kit £33.49 includes pants that will fit from 9 yrs old

Best Disposable: Lillets teen starter pack £5.99

Best Reusable: Cheeky wipes my first period kit £23.99 great for keeping in a school bag just in case

Best on a Budget: Cheeky wipes Essentials period pants starter kit £30.99 includes 3 pairs of pants and a wetbag

Best Educational: Wuka First Period pack - includes a book on puberty

If you found this blog useful and want to read more - 

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Do you need to wear a pad with period pants?

If you want to more information about switching to reusable pee and period products, or to receive tailored advice feel free to contact the team. You can drop them a email or use the online chat. The team all use the products themselves and nothing is TMI. We all happily overshare our own experiences.

About the Author : Kirstin on our customer services team loves spending her days helping customers with their reusable period product needs and advising cloth nappy using families. Kirstin lives with her three teenagers and loves walking and sea swimming year round in our beautiful bay.

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