Cheeky Wipes Period Pants Review

25 November 2021  |  Admin

Cheeky Wipes Period Pants Review

“One of the easiest and most impactful changes I can make as a woman”

Period symptoms - how to prepare your daughter with reusable period products

Hi, I’m Laura and this is my daughter Arwen. We're excited to talk to you about reusable period protection because we believe lots of women and teens don't appreciate how fantastic and effective they are!

Althought I was born in Northern Spain, I now live in London running Fluence Translations, a language consultancy with an eco / ethical focus.

My company is committed to helping eco-friendly businesses blossom internationally,  and this ethos is reflected at home too.

Living in a responsible and sustainable way is very important to me and my family. My daughter Arwen is almost 11, in Year 5 at primary school and extremely aware of environmental issues – which is no surprise! Here’s our story.

Challenge: to be kind to our bodies and the environment too

As many of us are, I'm conscious of our environmental impact and looking for opportunities to make improvements. I'm always on the lookout for ways to reduce our plastic consumption and residual waste in order to care for our planet.

It seems to me that when you have children,  you want to do everything you can to protect them and their future. Arwen is eager, she is learning it is crucial to live responsibly. We have grown to love our reusable water bottles, shampoo bars and eco-friendly laundry pods.  So it was natural that my thoughts turned to the plastic waste left by usage of sanitary pads and tampons.

“I was horrified when I thought about how much plastic my daughter and I would use in our lifetimes with vital period products. I felt sure there was a better way”

This happened at the same time that my periods became heavier and I realised that I needed better period protection with no leaks. As with many things nowadays, Google was my first port of call and I looked online to see if I could find anything which fitted the bill.

Solution: Cheeky Period Pants

The Cheeky website was really informative.  I loved that they had a great range of attractive styles of pants, plus gorgeous colours to choose from.  They even had beautiful rainbow designs on the day pads to brighten my day. The instructions were clear and concise, ordering was straightfoward and I haven’t looked back.

I've been using my Cheeky Pants and Pads for over a year now so when my daughter started her period I had absolutely no hesitation in asking if she'd like to try them.   I wasn’t quite so sure which options would be best for Arwen, because she is young, it was really important for me that she would be comfortable and for us to find the right product for her, so I used the online chat option.

“The woman I spoke to was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, she went through all the options and asked me questions, recommending pants that were the perfect size for my daughter– I really appreciated this.”

Result: no more worries – comfortable, secure, convenient reusable period protection

I have been very pleased with my period pants, as I finding them really comfortable to wear, plus 100% snug, secure and reliable. They are super quality,  fit really well and I find them very absorbent with no embarrassing leaks. Washing is really easy. I give them a quick rinse in cold water and then wash in the handy mesh wash bag.  I pop them into the washing machine on my normal cycle and they're soon ready to go again. Knowing that I'll never run out is such a relief.

“So in looking for something friendly to the environment I found a solution that is better for me and my daughter too – win-win!”

The school was great and had already spoken to the girls about the products they would need. However reusable period protection wasn’t mentioned at all which is a bit of a shame. I think if they had more information about reusable options more girls would choose period pants as they're so much easier.

“I felt as a mum maybe it was not fair to put pressure on Arwen to try reusable products, but now that she has tried the period pants she loves them, and it is absolutely her choice to continue to use them.”

A huge benefit is that as a youngster, periods can be a little irregular. Period pants completely resolve that issue of not knowing which day her period will come which just means that she's confident about being sorted all the time. She can easily pack them for school trips, so is always prepared with no worries about running out of protection. In her own words:

“I got really excited when I heard about the reusable period pants as they deal with everything for you. I would recommend them to any girl, like me, who has just started her period, they have really helped me with this experience and are so comfortable to wear. My favourite bit about them is that I know I am secure and won’t leak into my clothes”

In our house, we won’t be going back to traditional single-use period pads or tampons, our period pants are just so much better:

  • Comfortable, practical and dependable – we feel great
  • Beneficial to the environment – we feel great about that too!
  • No leaks, no embarrassment – comforting and confidence-boosting
  • We always have them on hand – no stress, we’re always prepared
  • No need to shop for them monthly – which saves money, time and head space
  • Simple to wash - with no horrid plastic waste to dispose of
  • Super helpful customer service - who recommended the perfect products

“We are happy to be making a difference by choosing a product that makes our life easier!”

Why not take a look at the cheeky range of reusable period protection, including period pants and cloth sanitary pads and be kind to yourself and our planet. Or perhaps, like Laura you need a bit of help to find on the perfect product for you or your child, in which case, try our tailored reusable period protection questionnaire or visit our live chat on our website!

Altermatively, if you're a teacher who would like to be able to discuss reusable period protection, showing your class some eco alternatives, please contact us for details of our FREE schools demo kit.

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