How to wear white on your period

14 July 2023  |  Admin

We're all about breaking taboo's here at Cheeky Pants and we don't believe that periods should be anything to be ashamed of. However that doesn't mean that everyone is happy to go around free bleeding. Especially not in white pants or trousers when you really don't want period stains.

It's summer time though, we hear you cry...we want to wear our floaty white linen trousers. Or white jeans...or a long white maxi skirt.

But if your period is due on how can you ensure you won't leak through?

Here's our top tips on how to feel confident wearing white on your period :

And if you do have a leak whilst you're out, we can help with how to deal with period blood stains on white trousers.

"I just wanted to say, I have been using cheeky period pants for over a year now. I put a cheeky reusable pad in for the first few hours of very heavy days but other than that I just wear the pants. I have a new found confidence, I wore white shorts! Which I haven't done since I was a young teen and bled through and it started years of me panicking through my period. All this until I found cheeky" Via Trustpilot

Reusable Period Pads

Double up on your period protection

This is for you heavy flow people out there. If you are worried about period blood leaking onto your white clothing, double up on your period protection.

The tricky thing for me with a menstrual cup was removing it without spillage. Wear a menstrual cup, plus a reusable pad or period pants on top.

The same goes for tampons. Wear a tampon plus a pad for extra security in case you end up flooding for some reason.

If you use period underwear, try wearing a pantyliner, thin winged pad or a reusable pad too.

This is a great option actually as you can wear the pants & pad for a couple of hours and then remove the pad and wear the pants by themselves. See tip 3!

"My teen daughter uses period pants. I'd previously bought from an Australian brand, at £20 a pair, and it had taken many months to build a decent stash. As she grew out of them, I looked for a cheaper alternative.

The cosy bamboo shorts from Cheeky Wipes fit the bill - I ordered two different sizes to be safe, and the larger fit an absolute treat, and my daughter said how soft and comfy they were. At just under £30 for 3 pairs, this made it much cheaper to rebuild supplies.

I contacted CW to return the unused pants and got a quick, personal reply - so lovely when a brand allows staff to interact with customers and not just send standard emails." Via Trustpilot

Period Thong

Try Period Underwear 

Period Underwear is a comfortable alternative to pads and tampons that look just like regular pants. the difference is that they're leak proof due to the additional absorbent layers.

Period underwear is available in many styles, from high waisted to period thongs.

A period thong is a great idea to avoid the dreaded VPL and works perfectly alongside a menstrual cup or tampon as backup.

Choose a colour of period pants that matches your skin tone if possible to avoid it glowing through your white outfit.

"I'm also beyond impressed with the quality of the period thongs and shorts I bought. They're better quality and much more comfortable than some of the more well known period underwear brands I've tried.

The thong is super flattering, as someone who has just been fitted with an IUD, I'm experiencing a lot of spotting so it's really great to have a flattering pair of underwear I can wear every day which also protects from spotting.

Plus the price is AMAZING. My partner thinks they're super flattering too and I don't feel frumpy whilst having to wear period pants. Will absolutely purchase more." Via Trustpilot

Change More Frequently

You may be able to go for 12 hours normally in some of our super absorbent period shorts, but when wearing white clothes, this is NOT the time to test that out.

Change your reusable period protection more frequently than normal to avoid leaks.

"Bought the cheeky period thong and its one of the best around. True to size, comfy, and stylish. What more could you want!" Via Trustpilot

Boybrief Heavy

Choose Higher Absorbency

If that's tricky for you, for example you're working a long shift, then choose more absorbent period protection than you would normally go for.

DON'T do this with tampons as you should never use a higher absorbency tampon than necessary.

Cheeky Bamboo Pads are our most absorbent reusable pads, so you can wear them without worrying about bleeding through for longer.

"I’ve been wearing cheeky wipes period wear for a few months. Switching was the best decision I’ve made. The pants are comfortable, fashionable and no leaks.

I’ve never slept better whilst on my period. I’ve worn them with my work uniform and jeans and never had to worry about leaks.

I team up with the cheeky wipes pads whilst in work or if I’m out. Love love love them. I no longer dread my period and added bonus no waste. Just wear wash repeat." Jenny Via Trustpilot

How to deal with period blood stains on white trousers?

To deal with period blood stains on white trousers:

  • Take them off and hand wash the affected area with COLD water to rinse out as much of the blood as you can.
  • It MUST be cold - using water at a temp of 40c or higher will 'set' the stain
  • Use soap to gently rub any lingering blood 
  • Rinse with cold water and repeat
  • Dry under a hand dryer if you're out - then pop them back on!


"I was recommended Cheeky Wipes by a friend and I’m so happy she did. I’d been looking for an alternative to disposable period wear for awhile but didn’t know where to start. The period pants are so comfortable especially at night no leaks even on my heaviest day. I’ve never slept better on my period. There’s also a variety of styles and colours and different ones depending on your flow - the “feeling fearless” are fabulous for heavy flows. They look and feel great and are decently priced.

The sanitary pads are brilliant too. I brought some for work as it’s easier to change if needed throughout the shift. They are very absorbent and once you snap to poppers in place very secure. I was wary to begin with and thought they’d be too good to be true but nope. They’re fab and again no leaks and with various style choices and sizes. On lighter days you can just wear the period pants but it’s personal preference. With disposables you get used to changing frequently for comfort.

The first purchase may seem expensive to get everything you need but overall in what I spent in a year on disposables it’s cheaper (I have a heavy flow that lasts 7 days so I used a lot of disposables). They also sell a variety of kits which can help you get started I highly recommended these.

The Cheeky Wipes team have lots of advice on their products and on how many you may need. They also routinely do offers so it’s worth keeping an eye on their website or social media outlets. They’re also quick to respond to emails and answer any questions you may have. Thank you Cheeky Wipes."




About the Author: Helen Rankin is founder of Cheeky Wipes, the original environmentally sustainable baby wipes kit, founded in 2008. Fast forward a few more years and having 4 children meant that internal period protection was no longer an option, so Helen developed the range of Cheeky Pants & Pads.

The Cheeky Team pride themselves on helping people make the switch to reusables EASY, nothing is TMI! Cheeky Wipes were awarded the Queens Award for Enterprise for their sustainable development goals in 2021.






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