Do period pants really work? Yes! Find out how & which to buy

Thursday, 2 December 2021  |  Admin

It almost seems like magic or science fiction doesn't it?

You've got your period.  But instead of bulky, irritating plasticky pads, or intrusive tampons, you're just wearing what look like regular pants.

And you aren't leaking.  

You don't smell bad.

You're just comfortable and going about your day.  The only time you really remember you're 'on' is when you wipe at the loo and it comes away bloody.

Seriously seems like magic.  'Game-changing'.

At Team Cheeky, we've been doing 'Simple Reusables' for 13 years now so we're well versed in helping people ditch disposable, single use plastic-laden period products such as pads and tampons and make the switch to reusable period pads and period pants.  Here we're sharing some of the questions we get asked most often.

How do period pants work?

How do period pants work? Find out here.

All reusable period pants work in pretty much the same way. 

  • inner layer against your skin, normally cotton or bamboo
  • absorbent layer or layers which can be cotton, bamboo, microfibre or even wool
  • waterproof layer - to prevent your period pants from leaking
  • outer layer which often contains lycra or elastane for a good stretchy yet snug fit, which is important

Don't Period Pants smell bad?

No!  Not at all. Menstrual blood is sterile when leaving your body.  It sometimes smells a bit metallic but often the smell that people associate with period blood is actually due to the chemicals used in disposable pads.  Period pants are super absorbent and *can* be worn all day, however if you like to feel fresh, we recommend changing at lunchtime on your heavier days.  

This might be a bit of a pain in the bum if you're at school / changing in an office cubicle, so if this is you, consider wearing a reusable pad in addition to your pants, which you can whip out at lunchtime to leave you feeling fresh as a daisy.

So there's no pad needed.  How do period pants prevent leaks?

Period pants don't leak because their absorbent and waterproof layers trap and hold the blood.  The only reason you can sometimes get leaks is if you're:

  • wearing them for too long
  • wearing the wrong absorbency
  • got the wrong fit.  Period underwear needs to be snug fitting.  Baggy pants = leaks

Are Period Pants bulky, can you see them under tight-fitting leggings?

Are period pants bulky under clothes? No not at all!

Obviously, there are additional layers to the period knickers than regular pants.  However they're not bulky at all, which is one reason why they are so comfortable to wear.  To prove it, that's my bum in tight fitting sports leggings above, wearing my period underwear.

How do I wash period pants?

Washing period underwear is really easy.  Just remember one REALLY important point.  Blood is a protein stain, so if you wash it in water which is higher than body temp (36.5c) you will set the stain.  For that reason we recommend washing at 30c or a cold water wash, which is better for the environment anyway!

At Team Cheeky we usually rinse our pants immediately after we take them off and depending on how soiled they are sometimes soak with a scoop of Oxi type stain remover.  Then a decent length wash at 30c will leave them lovely and clean.  

Line dry is best, don't tumble dry as you can impact the waterproof layer of your period underwear.

What to look out for when buying period knickers?

There's lots of different brands of period underwear out there, from supermarkets to High st, to specialist online retailers so how do you tell the difference between them all?  

Absorbency is important in period pants

Especially if you suffer from heavy periods.  Firstly, we'd say compare the absorbency on the pants. 

Many retailers only have absorbency in the gusset of their pants, which is fine if you have light periods and only wear them when you're standing up!  Look for pants which have asorbency to the front and rear waistband as this makes them much more leak proof.

Do they offer a free trial period or guarantee on their period underwear?

This is one area where buying from a specialist online retailer is worthwhile because they often offer a free trial period which means if you don't get on with the pants, you'll get your money back.   

It's reassuring when period pants cost significantly more than a pack of pads or tampons with a higher upfront cost.

What's the customer support like for swapping to reusable period underwear?

Again, for many people, making the switch to reusable period underwear is a bit of a leap of faith.  It's just different to your usual habit of picking up a pack or two of tampons or pads every month. 

Whether you've got a teenager with light flow, or are looking for high waist Bridget Jones style for yourself and you just really want period underwear that works, it's worth buying from a specialist.

Specialist retailers understand that you might have lots of questions about how many pairs you'll need, the best absorbency for you etc and will often have tools or other support online to help with these sorts of questions.

Ask their customer services team for advice and that could stop you making an expensive mistake.  It's also worth checking out a few different online brands and comparing their Trustpilot reviews before making a decision.

I've heard that period pants are really expensive though?

As we've already said, there's lots of different retailers selling period pants which means that there's a sliding scale for what you can pay. 

Some High St retailers sell them for £6 to £12, however some of the specialist online brands can be upwards of £25. 

Why buy Cheeky?

At Cheeky, we've been doing 'Simple Reusables' for the last 13 years, being recognised with the Queens Award in Enterprise in Sustainable Development this year as a result.   

We want to help people 'Ditch Disposables' and make reusables mainstream which is why our period pants and pads are fairly priced, starting from just £11.50 per pair which is comparable to supermarket / High st brands.

Our pants also have absorbency to the front and rear waistband as standard across most of our product range, so you can relax knowing that they're leak-free.

What you get also from us is expertise!

We've got helpful questionnaires which will give you a tailored recommendation as to what you need.

Our Customer Services team all use our period pants and pads themselves so are well versed to answer any questions you might have and hold your hand to help you or your child make the switch.  They're used to talking pee, poo and periods all day long, so nothing is TMI.

Drop them a line today, they're happy to help!



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