Can You Wear Period Pants Overnight?

16 April 2024

Period pants are now so mainstream they are advertised at service stations, can be bought everywhere and are the go to for the tween and teen generation who want ease and comfort.

Just wear like regular underwear, rinse in cold water, chuck them in your washing machine, they are leak proof so no more worrying about leaks.

They are growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional single use period products, but there are some common concerns and questions around wearing them overnight (read on for the answers).

Can You Wear Period Pants Overnight?

Yes, you can wear period pants overnight. Period pants work to absorb period blood while you sleep, up to 12 hours for those with regular flow.  


In fact, washable period pants offer several benefits that make them a great alternative to traditional period products, especially for sleeping when leaks and discomfort can be major concerns in your quest for a good nights sleep.

"Always love the products from here. This is my 2nd time ordering and the pants and pads are comfy and do the job, no waking up frustrated/embarrassed as I’ve leaked through the night. I did try a cheaper version from Amazon and regretted it as they were not for heavy flow at all." Samantha, Trustpilot Feb '24

Benefits of Wearing Period Pants Overnight

Here are some advantages of using period panties during the night:

  • Comfortable protection: Menstrual pants are designed to be soft and comfortable, offering a cosy alternative to bulky pads or tampons. Opt for heavier flow pants so they can last as long as you sleep without needing to be changed.
  • Leak-free: With their absorbent layers and secure fit, reusable period pants provide reliable leak protection throughout the night. 
  • Total coverage: Opt for styles with absorbency from front waistband through to the back waistband and go for high waisted pants for overnight.
  • Safer than traditional alternatives for long-term wear: Unlike tampons, which carry a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) if worn for extended periods, period underwear are a safer option for overnight wear, reducing the risk of bacterial overgrowth and infections. 
  • Chemical free: Disposable period products can contain many harmful chemicals and can cause chafing and rashes. Your delicate vulva will benefit from using period pants for the long night hours with natural fabrics next to your skin - made with cotton or bamboo just like your normal underwear.
  • Moisture wicking: Bamboo or cotton top layers wick moisture away into the absorbent layers leaving you dry and comfortable. These are natural fabrics with no highly absorbent chemical or pthalates often found in single use sanitary pads and pants.
  • Blood clots are no issue - For heavier days when your body produces clots period pants absorb the moisture. The leftover tissue can be wiped away next time you go to the toilet, much like disposables

Can I Wear Period Pants at Night if I Have Heavy Flow?

Yes, you can wear period pants overnight if you have a heavy flow.

Just make sure that you wear period pants that can deal with a heavy flow and/or blood clots. Here are some tips for managing a heavy flow overnight with period pants:

  • Choose period knickers with high absorbency levels: Look for period pants specifically designed for heavy flow or overnight use, which typically have extra absorbent layers to handle a heavier flow.
  • Choose full coverage of absorbency: Make sure the absorbent layers extend beyond the gusset area to avoid leaks to the front or the back whichever position you sleep in.
  • Double up with a pad if needed: If you're concerned about leaks, you can double up by wearing period pants along with a reusable sanitary pad for added protection.
  • Consider backup: For those with extremely heavy flows, using a menstrual cup in addition to washable period pants can provide extra reassurance against leaks.


Best Washable Period Products for Nighttime?

To ensure you have enough absorbency and that you can sleep peacefully without needing to change overnight - 

Feeling Fearless Bamboo - high waisted, with mesh sides to keep you cool, soft bamboo fabric, total coverage front to back waistband.

Feeling Cosy - Bamboo super soft shorts with extra layers of absorbency from front to back right to the waistband, bear in mind that pads will not sit well in these.

"Comfort and security never felt so cosy! I love the period shorts - they are hands down the most comfortable period pants I've tried. I feel totally secure and haven't had any leaks or issues. If you suffer from heavy bleeds from fibroids or endometriosis, give the period shorts a try. I've just ordered more (though I'm trying a size down this time, as they are generously sized)." Tiff March '24 Trustpilot

Organic cotton night pads - comfortable jersey material with a non slip backing for extra reassurance.

Bamboo night pads - super absorbent pads with a bamboo core, choose from natural bamboo topped or man made charcoal microfleece.

Overall, wearing period pants overnight can provide a comfortable and leak-free experience, even for those with heavy flows, offering a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional period products. 

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If you want to more information about switching to reusable pee and period products, feel free to contact the team. You can drop them a email or use the online chat. The team all use the products themselves and nothing is TMI. We all happily overshare our own experiences.



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