6 Best Reusable Makeup Removal Pads - 2023

21 April 2021  |  Admin

Reusable Makeup Removing Pads - the Perfect Sustainable Eco Gift 

Along with baby wipes and toilet paper wipes, disposable makeup removing wipes and cotton wool rounds contribute to a huge volume of waste every year.  The wipes can either end up in landfill, where they can take hundreds of years to fully decompose or they flushed down toilets, creating fatbergs and marine pollution, harming sea life.

Aside from their dodgy eco-impact, preservatives used to keep makeup removal wipes bacteria-free can easily irritate dry or sensitive skin. At Team Cheeky, we make a wide range of eco friendly reusable makeup pads and makeup wipes, which aren't just better for the environment, but for your skin and bank balance too!

We've compiled a list of the top 6 best reusable makeup remover pads that you should be trying in 2023:

  1. Luxury bamboo makeup removal pads
  2. Make up removal bamboo & cotton pads kit
  3. Luxury makeup remover kit with storage Trug
  4. Luxury makeup removing kit with travel bag
  5. Organic cotton eye makeup remover pads
  6. Eco Makeup Removing Sponge Pads


Bamboo makeup remover pads

1.Luxury bamboo makeup removal pads

Within this selection you can find 10 padded plush and bamboo makeup removing pads, with several pretty designs to choose from. These pads are larger than a standard cotton wool round at 11cm diameter and are made from soft plush on one side and then bamboo on the other. These large pads are padded, so perfect for using to remove an oily or soapy cleanser with just warm water. 

'This is my second purchase of these. My last ones lasted for two years! Great quality product. Gently cleanses and removes all make up.'

Makeup Removal Kit & Storage Trug

2.Luxury makeup removal kit with storage trug

In addition to selling our bamboo makeup removing pads in packs of 5 or 10, we also sell them as kits which make a fantastic gift. In one of our reusable makeup removal kits, you'll can find 10 padded plush and bamboo makeup removing pads, a wooden storage trug which is ideal for storing your pads in the bathroom and a tub of organic virgin coconut oil.  

The organic virgin coconut oil is brilliant for using with the larger pads, your makeup will just melt from your face to be removed with the pad and warm water, leaving your face feeling soft and clean.

'Had my set for 2 1/2 years now and is still in perfect condition. Since then I have bought 4 more sets for family and friends and everyone loves them! Highly recommended'

Exfoliating bamboo makeup removal kit

3.Exfoliating bamboo & cotton makeup removal pads kit

Exfoliation helps remove the oldest dead skin cells on the outermost surface of the skin, the epidermis. There are lots of professional treatments for exfoliation, including facepeels, AHA's and Glycolic acids, but you can also do it yourself safely and gently at home.

Within this exfoliating makeup removing kit you can find 10 bamboo terry pads in black or white for exfoliating the face as part of your beauty routine. There's also 10 super soft organic cotton reusable cotton pads for eye makeup plus organic virgin coconut oil again. This exfoliating kit comes with a storage bag so you can keep all of your products in one place or for handy travel usage.  

These pads are smaller and thinner than the luxury bamboo plush pad, much more similar in texture and size to a standard cotton wool round and for this reason, they're great for using with toners and lotions such as micellar water.

'Brilliant quality, fantastic starter set. Washes well'

Bamboo Makeup Removal Pads & Travel Bag

4.Luxury makeup removal kit with travel bag

Containing 10 luxury large reusable bamboo & plush makeup pads and 50ml coconut oil, this kit is very similar to the kit above, however includes a storage bag rather than a trug for ease of use when travelling - choose whichever option works best for you! 

'I love this kit! My make up comes off so easily and my skin feels great.'

Organic Cotton Eye Makeup Removal Pads

5.Organic cotton eye makeup remover pads

Again these organic cotton eye makeup remover pads are the same size as a standard cotton wool pad, at 8cm diameter. However they are made from double layer organic cotton sherpa which is very soft and therefore perfect for the delicate eye area.

Because these pads are thinner and less absorbent than the larger luxury pads, they're brilliant for using with toners such as micellar water, glycolic acid etc.

Eco Sponge Makeup Remover Pads

6.Eco makeup removing sponge pads

The newest addition to the Cheeky Stable, these eco sponge makeup removing pads were a lifesaver on holiday.  Used every night with my normal oily cleanser, washed out by hand and ready to reuse next day.  Lovely to use and easy to wash too.  These come in a pack of 3.

How to use reusable makeup remover pads with oily / soapy cleansers

To use reusable makeup remover pads with oily or soapy cleanser:

  • Smooth the oily or soapy cleanser over your face with your fingertips, massaging it in well
  • Run a clean large bamboo pad under the hot tap
  • Wipe off the coconut oil and makeup using the pad
  • Run the pad under the cold tap and gently refresh your face
  • Wash the pads with your next clothes wash, then reuse!

How to use reusable makeup remover pads with micellar water / toners

To use reusable makeup pads with micellar water or toner:

  • Apply the toner, micellar water or acid treatment to the 8cm pad to make it wet through
  • Wipe face to remove makeup
  • Take a further pad and run under cold water
  • Gently refresh your face
  • Wash the pads with your next clothes wash, then reuse!

How to wash reusable makeup wipes or pads

To wash reusable makeup wipes or pads:

  • Always rinse well in cold water after use
  • Place in your laundry basket
  • Wash in the washing machine when you have a wash going on
  • Use in wash stain remover to help lift stains if necessary
  • Try to avoid fabric softener
  • Air dry
  • On holiday, can be hand washed, dried and reused

We hope you find this information helpful, our full range of makeup pads and face wipes are available at Cheeky Pants. If you need more information on any of our products, please do contact us.

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