Zero Waste Week - Reusable Sanitary Pads

Wednesday, 3 September 2014  |  Admin

Zero Waste Week - what 1 more thing could you do?  #2 Reusable Sanitary Pads

For some of you,   switch to reusable baby wipes or loo roll will help seriously reduce your waste.  Today, let's look at Cloth Sanitary Pads.  Acknowledging that this really applies to all women and menstruators out there, but tampons and cloth sanitary pads create a lot of waste over your lifetime.

Consider switching to Cloth Sanitary Pads.

I've made the switch myself and can say hand on heart that if you are an existing disposable pads user (or are about to have a baby and will need maternity pads), then this should really be a no-brainer for you.

Our Reusable Menstrual Pads have wings and poppers to keep your pads in place, but I find that wearing tight fitting knickers or sloggi type pants also helps.  A massive #brightside of wearing reusable pads is that there's no chance of giving yourself an inadvertent bikini wax when the glue on the pad catches your pubic hairs!

Reusable pads are made from fabric, and contain an absorbent layer to hold the blood and are also laminated with TPU so that they don't leak.

Fabric is much softer than plasticky pads against your skin,  particularly when you've just had a baby and your vulva may be a little on the tender side.  But it's the absorbency that really stands out.  I was caught short recently at an exhibition when my period came a few days early.  Luckily I had an emergency reusable sanitary pad in my bag and it lasted all day, without leaking.  Try doing that with a disposable pad!

Washing Reusable Sanitary Pads

Cold water is KEY.  Lots of people don't realise this, but as soon as you apply heat (anything more than body temp, even 40c) to a blood stain, it sets the stain.  That's because blood is a protein stain, think of an egg white which is runny at room temp but sets with heat.   I tend to remove my pads in the loo at home and run under cold water and rub with some soap to remove most of the blood.  Biut that's because I am not the least bit squeamish and find it quite satisfying to see what a good job the pads have done holding my blood!  Before washing, I'll give them a bit of a squirt with some stain remover and bung in the washing machine with the rest of my clothes on a decent length 20c or max 30c wash.  

 A decent length wash will remove any lingering stains, plus drying on the washing line in sunlight helps too.

Reusable incontinence pads - for little dribbles

It's a fact of life, that having kids, or just getting older means that we are likely to lose tone in our pelvic floor area.  We can certainly help improve the tone of our pelvic floor (check out our Secret Whispers Kegel Weights) but if you can't sneeze without having a littlle dribble, then you might also want to consider Reusable Sanitary Pads for mild incontinence.  Ditch Tena Lady....

Got any questions?  Feel free to contact our customer services team, via email or on chat.  Alternatively, take a look at our reusable period protection questionnaire and we'll come back to you with a tailored recommendation to meet your exact needs.



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