No more 'oops' moments with bladder leaks

Monday, 13 July 2020

Suffering from incontinence symptoms and want to build strength and tone long term? 

We're wild oversharers here at Team Cheeky and we've never shied away from an awkward topic which is why we're happy chatting incontinence and 'oops moments'

We can tell that our pelvic floor muscles are...well a bit knackered if you suffer from little leaks when out for a run, playing on a trampoline with the kids or even just sneezing.  It could be as a result of surgery or childbirth, or just because your pelvic floor muscles which the foundation of everything down below are perhaps under (or over) used and under-exercised.  Which meas they lose their stretch and bounceback over time.

If you've ever contacted us via Live Chat or completed one of our questionnaires, you'll definitely have had us overshare our own issues and  experiences.    They're exactly why we designed our Cloth Pads, Liners and Pants as we have too; for periods AND pee.

Thankfully lots of you agree and really rate them for comfort, security and confidence, but as amazing as we know they are, we're simply helping you manage your symptoms (leakage),  not providing long terms solutions or fixes.

Improving your pelvic floor health with Team Cheeky & Emma James

So we've partnered up with the fantastic  Emma James, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience as both Women and Men's Physio and Pelvic Floor Health Specialist.

Emma has been working really closely and publicly with  Rachel Horne of Virgin Radio who has been working closely with Emma since announcing her entry to the London Marathon so that she could have a leak-free run - and share that knowledge with an even wider audience. 

After initial meetings chatting excitedly about our colliding worlds, we've agreed to kick off our new partnership with a series of content from Emma over the next few days / weeks via our blog.

These will be a great source of info and also a reminder that these are shared experiences by many - it's simply that many don't choose to talk about it, from fear of embarrassment.   We'll share the blogs as they're published via our social pages too as a reminder.

The first of our blogposts is here:

As well as that, we've got 

Both these events are hosted by us, featuring Helen and Emma having a chat and answering your questions so follow us on the above pages if you don't already and get your questions lined up. Anything goes, nothing is TMI!

But that's just the beginning so watch this space for more to come.

We all passionately believe that it takes lots of people coming together to holistically solve issues like these and make lasting lifestyle changes.

This is hopefully one step we can help you with on the way there.....

And, in the meantime, if you'd like to know more about Emma herself, Rachel's journey as one of her clients, or how Emma helps her many varied clients visit and learn more about her free virtual consultations as well as her new Wellness Hub in Berkhamsted which opened just this month.

We look forward to hearing from you at one of these Lives and would love to hear if this is helpful to you so please do get in touch.

All the love, Team Cheeky x 

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