How to care for your Cloth Sanitary Pads

Tuesday, 25 March 2014  |  Admin

I'm still slightly gobsmacked by quite how much I am LOVING our new Reusable Sanitary Pads here at Cheeky HQ.  Incredible.  After 4 kids, tampons are no longer my friend (bucket fanny anyone?) and I can't stand those horrible plasticky disposable menstrual pads as they remind me of maternity pads.  They smell manky and if you're not super careful, the glue on them can end up giving you an inadvertent bikini wax.  Not pleasant.

How do reusable sanitary pads work?

Cheeky Reusable Sanitary pads come with a popper which fastens under the gusset of your knickers.  They come with two popper settings, depending on the width of your knicker gusset. The same popper is also used to discreetly popper the pad closed for transporting, both clean and dirty.

How do reusable sanitary pads work?

As with all period protection,  change your pad as often as you need to for your own flow.  At a recent baby show, my period arrived a few days early and unexpectedly.  I had an emergency pad in my bag, which lasted me all day, no leaks.   Obviously I would rather have changed it at once through the day, and then again with a fresh one overnight but it did the job.

I've got a soiled reusable sanitary pad - how do I wash it?

It's pretty easy to wash used cloth sanitary pads.  Soak immediately in cold water. Depending on your level of squeamishness, I like to run mine under the cold tap too and give it a rub with some old fashioned soap.  Note:  you must use COLD water.  As soon as you put water above body temp on a blood stain it will set the stain - that means washing at 40c won't work!  You can use one of our soaking containers for this, or a Strucket.  Pop a few drops of teatree oil in there too (smells good and kickstarts the hygiene process).

Before I pop in the washing machine, I'll also squirt mine with some 'oxi' type stain remover,  then wash on a decent wash cycle.

For me, this means on a 20c or 30c degree standard wash (not a rapid or eco wash).  On my washing machine this takes between an hour and 2 hours 20, depending on the wash cycle that I choose. Use whatever your washing powder you would normally use -  no fabric softener.  We don't use fabric softener as standard in my household as I've got super sensitive skin, so it makes no odds to me.  cardboard jeans are the norm for me. ;-)

Washing reusable menstrual pads at 40c or above will set blood stains and can cause shrinkage on our cotton pads, so is not recommended.

I hope that makes sense - feel free to drop the team a line if you have any questions.



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