Aren't cloth sanitary pads really bulky?

Friday, 10 March 2017  |  Admin

FAQ: Aren't Cloth Menstrual Pads Really Bulky?


Well, take a look for yourself and see what you think?

This is actually my backside, wearing my usual working from home uniform of leggings.  Very snug-fitting and you've got to agree that they couldn't really be much tighter.   But can you see my cloth menstrual pad?  Nope.

How about this one?

Even in just my knickers, all you can see is the flap under the gusset where they popper closed.  This is one of our cotton sanitary day pads, so they are a little thinner than our bamboo / bamboo charcoal pads, but it really doesn't make much odds.

If you thought that wearing cloth sanitary pads would be like wearing a nappy, think again!

Our pads are competitively priced and suitable for all periods, from liners for your lightest days, to bamboo charcoal pads which can cope with even the heaviest of periods, clots or flooding!

If you've got questions on which reusable sanitary pads would suit you best, please contact our customer services team, via email or on chat.  Alternatively, take a look at our reusable period protection questionnaire and we'll come back to you with a bespoke recommendation to meet your exact needs.


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